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Burger Guyz

Not only do we love burgers, we are five of the biggest burger fanatics you'll find. We love burgers. We are the Burger Guyz - Jerry Tranovich, Anthony Fuda, Scott Long, Eric Tranovich, and James Chismark.

A fondness of great hamburgers has brought the five of us together on a relentless quest to find the absolute best burgers in the Mahoning Valley. We have made it our mission to visit the most popular eateries, as determined by our readers, and then report back with all of our findings. We are now bringing that mission to the pages of The Vindicator.

Once a month, we’ll be showcased in Valley Food. But all the other days and hours of the month, watch for us on vindy.com as we blog and boast about the places we’ve been or are going to, and the comments and bits we pick up along the way.

Give us the name of the restaurant, tavern or bar that you think flips a great burger! Email us at mvbrb@hotmail.com or friend us on Facebook and leave a comment.

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Valley burger eating tournament

It's called the Burger Beast Challenge Series, and if you have a big appetite, this is the tournament for you!

4 Trumbull restaurants still needed

Burger tournament has four slots left to fill.

The Thurman Cafe - Legendary

Greg shares his visit to The world famous Thurman Cafe in Columbus.

The Burger Beast!

Hey burger lovers! We're revealing our next burger endeavor and it is definitely challenging, to say the least. It’s a tournament that anyone in the valley can enter. A tournament that is not for the ...

Meat 16 update: The Final 4!

The 2017 Badurik's Butcher Block Meat 16 Cheeseburger Challenge Final Four is set.

The Meat 16: Week 2 recap and The Elite Meat 8 preview!

First there were the Meat 16! Now we're down to... THE ELITE MEAT 8!

The Meat 16: Week 1 recap

In the first week of the Badurik's Meat 16 competition, four restaurants have secured their place in round 2 and four have been eliminated.

Win a $25 gift card from the Meat 16 champ!

How well do you know the burgers in the Mahoning Valley? Be it by skill or luck, someone is going to walk with a $25 gift card!


See which burgers made it to the final four...

Cheeseburger Madness: Round 2

Next stop, the Final Four! Who makes the best cheeseburger? Check out the preview for the quarter final match ups...