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Why The Vindy did not have "Trump Wins"

The Tuesday night election process kept the country guessing. It kept newspaper operations doing the same.

The grind of election season at Vindy

If Election 2016's yard signs and TV commercials and non-stop CNN coverage have you gasping, it's no easier on this side of all that media. This period of the year becomes all-consuming. And in presidential ...

Help elevate Simeon Booker to Medal of Honor status

Simeon was raised on the great streets of Youngstown, Ohio.

#VindyVote is Valley's best elections roundup: Taxes, candidates, etc.

The election in a couple weeks has plenty on the line for local taxpayers — millions of dollars in new taxes being asked.

Some 30-plus years later, thank you Boardman

The below letter was submitted to The Vindicator and was the catalyst for a column written by Vindy Editor Todd Franko. That column appeared Sunday, May 10, 2015. Click here for a photo collection in ...

All the way to New Orleans ...

Ten years later — Katrina is to them what the steel collapse is to us.

Fundraiser set Sunday for Csala Beers

The care and concern for Howland native Csala Beers comes home this weekend for a fundraiser.

If you, too, were outraged by funeral coverage in Saturday Vindy

The reader was so mad, she even hated my haircut.

"Damn it Bob, I'm in training .."

Oh those Hagans ... gotta love them

Poland sidewalk paves an imperfect picture

Poland sidewalk paves an imperfect picture