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ohio: the theocratic battleground of 2006

Ohio: The Theocratic Battleground of 2006<br />By Kevin Phillips<br /><br />Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell\'s soli

Nat hentoff

Nat Hentoff<br /><br />Nat Hentoff was born in Boston in 1925. He received his B.A. with the highest honors from Northeastern


The average elected official in this community doesn\'t care about the people of this community--and why should they?<br /><b

Red w/the blood of our children

I remember-years ago-talking about how the streets of the east & south sides of Y-town were "...running red w/the blood of ou

Le grande cirque

If you haven\'t yet gone to the Chevy Centre-NOW\'S THE TIME for Le Grande Cirque. A WONDERFULLY ENTERTAINING,AMAZING PERFOR

Wall st journal-lordstown/kaster

Today\'s(18May Thursday) Wall St.Journal \'s front page left is an article about Jim Kaster/Lordstown GM plant

I interrupt this blog to announce...

WELL,dotherightthing,INGTON<br /><br />Here\'s an example of the Mahoning County\'s Criminal Justice dysfunctional system:<br

Wellitstimetogoington-everybody knows but no one's talking!-openly

Every elected official KNOWS that Mahoning County Sheriff,Randall Wellington\'s effective time in office has come and gone ye

Desouza monday

Monday,15 MAY 06: The Vindicator\'s Bertram DeSouza comes in to:<br /> 1) \'Vindicate\' Y-town of my remarks in the Forbes m

London calling,this time ,listen !

If you were listening on Thursday 11 May,you heard the president of the Int\'l Stategic Studies Association( www.strategicst

British lie being exposed now,live!

President of the Int\'l Strategic Studies Association,Gregory Copley is exposing the UK "LIE" re: the London bombing of last

The group dupe a.k.a: the royal scam

I am editing this at 6:35 am Wednesday(10may).It\'s now more than 16 hours since the "working group" performed for the medi

Frankie's dead

Who knew me better than Frank? Who accepted my ugly naked truth better than Frankie? Who was better able to quietly comfo

Tuesday 09 may 06

Iraq war Veteran/Hero/Lawyer/(talk show host?)/Elvis Costello impersonator/former candidate for U.S.Senate b/4 the so-called

Forbes magazine-ytown article

Youngstown, Ohio has tried to ignite an economic revival-- by building prisons.<br />22 May issue of Forbes Magazine.The arti

Democracy for just $6 ???

Congress would only have to spend $6 per citizen per year to publicly fund each and every election for the House, the Senate

Friday 05 may 06

We begin stimulating your sense of LOVE w/Kristin Espinasse:Words in a French Life-Lessons in Love and Language from the Sou

Masturbatory legislation

More humiliation for the\' State that Won\'t\':<br />Tonight(Wednesday) NBC\'s Dateline continued their "To Catch A Paedophil

Thursday's show includes:

Boardman Police Chief Jeffery Patterson+<br />Atty Sindell:<br />\xc3\xa2\xe2\x82\xac\xc5\x93In retrospect the tragedy of May

Just added for today,wednesday 03 may

just added for Wed. 03 May-From the National Journal of American Politics: Josh Kraushaar ! Josh write\'s THE Hotline from Wa

Letter/frustration to the dnc

below is a copy of a letter that I just sent to the Democratic Nat\'l Committee\'s Assistant Press Secretary - Radio Operatio

"now it is the time for voters to do their part and make charlie wilson..."

Charlie Wilson Congressional Campaign Released Final Field Operation Report<br /><br />Bridgeport, OH \xc3\xa2\xe2\x82\xac\xe

David ludt emails

I have received numerous emails asking why I have not had Commissioner David Ludt in the studio w/me during the run - up to t

just scheduled(01may06 12:46p)

We JUST scheduled Atty.Steve Sindell for 04 May re: 04MAY1970 @Kent State University:<br />May 4, 1970, Kent State: Cleveland

Ava<br /><br /><br />ok, you tell me.....<br />~Louie