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2020 census will proceed minus GOP political stunt

Editorial: The controversial citizen- ship question will not be on the 2020 census, but not because Republican

Raids on undocumented immigrants are no way to produce real reforms

Editorial: Washington Post: Agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement are launching major raids in a

Y’town mayor putting off the inevitable rate increase

Editorial: Two months after we warned that Youngstown Mayor Jamael Tito Brown was rolling the dice by refusing

Bask in fun of weekend’s Summer Festival of Arts

Editorial: Vibrant and delightful are sure to be the watchwords in and around downtown Youngstown today and

Eyewear company charts a path for growth at YBI

Editorial: A cutting-edge additive manufacturer of children’s eyewear has found a perfect fit in the Mahoning

It’s time for Acosta to go

Editorial: Miami Herald: If Alexander Acosta had done in South Florida what Geoffrey Berman just did in New

Congress may finally tackle the high cost of health care

Editorial: There isn’t much Republicans and Democrats in Congress agree on, and there’s even less common

Champion US Women’s World Cup team merits praise and equal pay

Editorial: New York Post: Congrats to the United States Women’s National Team for scoring their second straight

President Trump creates flawed acting government

Editorial: Washington Post: It is getting to the point at which seemingly every high Trump administration

Niles school board right in removing treasurer

Editorial: The decision by the Niles Board of Education to bring the hammer down on the district’s treasurer,

As drug plague worsens, sound the alarm for action

Editorial: Late last year, hopes ran high that our community and our country had finally turned the corner

Trump hijacks 4th of July with pretentious display

Editorial: Washington Post: In recent weeks, readers have written letters to The Post recounting their memories

4th of July milestone years

Editorial: We turned 150 years old on June 25, and to commemorate this milestone, we have featured on this

Ohio lawmakers have no excuse for budget inaction

Editorial: Columbus Dispatch: With the possible exception of high-priced lobbyists who bill by the hour, no one

Charlottesville terrorist gets a break with life sentence

Editorial: There’s no difference between the Charlottesville, Va., terrorist and the Sept. 11, 2001,