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A Beer Forged for Youngstown

Penguin City Beer 5.5% Youngstown has a history of being a hard-nosed blue-collared town. What the Yo has lacked since Renner Brewery chained its doors and after the steel mills shuttered operations along the Mahoning River, has been a beer to shift a new generation of Valley beer drinkers. Penguin City has ended that search with this drinkable “end of shift” beer. Somewhere between a Pale Ale and a pilsner... but not quite either... this golden ale shares qualities of both. Clean and crisp... Pilsner bitterness on the palate at first sip and drinks and finishes smooth, both semi-sweet and dry. Penguin City Beer is a Perfect bridge beer to bring domestic traditionalists over the craft beer world, but is flavorful enough to give craft beer enthusiasts something light, refreshing and full of flavor something to enjoy. It truly is a beer that epitomizes Youngstown.