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by Jerry Tranovich

We haven't received many tips on where the great burgers of Mercer County are hiding, but, the ones we did get have really panned out. This is a list of BURGERGUYZ top 5 burgers of Mercer county. We're confident that you'll enjoy any of the burgers on this list. Who has the best? With each restaurant putting their own delicious spin on the all-American sandwich, choosing the best can be difficult. We put our heads together, compared notes, and came up with our top 5. Did we get it right? You decide, and let us know!

5 - The Iron Bridge Inn

The Iron Bridge Inn, on the Perry Highway (Rt. 19), a few miles South of I-80, has long been famous for great casual dining. The savory 8 oz. burgers are dressed to the T and taste as good as they look. The rustic charm and friendly staff and patrons nurture a perfect, almost vacation-like atmosphere to enjoy a burger and beer. (Check out our review of The Iron Bridge Inn here.)

4 - Stone Church Pizza House & Brew Pub

Holy hamburgers, Batman! A burger and a beer in a church? The Stone Church Pizza House & Brew Pub, 600 S. Hermitage Rd. in Hermitage, is definitely a unique dining experience. But don't let the name throw you - this pizza house also serves burgers and boy are they delicious! (Check out our review of Stone Church Pizza House & Brew Pub here.)

3 - Montana's Rib & Chop House

A super nice, Hermitage restaurant. Even though Burgers probably aren't what most people order at this well manicured restaurant, we assure you, Montana's does not treat them as a menu afterthought. (Check out our review of Montana's Rib & Chop House here.)

2 - Brewtus Brewing Company

Only in business a few years, the Chestnut Ave. establishment is gaining a reputation around Sharon for serving great food. Make no mistake, it is first and foremost a place to enjoy an ice cold craft beer or two. There is a limited bar menu that is dominated by tasty, gourmet burgers that arrive at your table looking as though they belong in a magazine ad! (Check out our review of Brewtus Brewing Co. here.)

1 - Donna's Diner

Our #1 favorite burger in Mercer County is not only bursting with flavor, it's served with a side of nostalgia. Sitting in Donna's Diner, it's hard not conjure up childhood memories of enjoying a favorite flavored milkshake with a burger. You can still get a delicious, old-fashioned milkshake, flavor of your choice, but these incredible burgers are like nothing you've seen or tasted in your childhood! (Check out our review of Donna's Diner here.) http://www.vindy.com/users/photos/2017/oct/29/116687/

There you have it. Our top 5 favorite burgers of Mercer County as of October, 2017. We know there are plenty of burgers that belong on our list, but, we don't know where they are! Help us out by leaving your favorite burger joint in a comment so we can enjoy them, too!

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