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Gift of LOVE Thank You, Gerry Spence for Your Gift of LOVE Over the years, listeners have heard Atty. Gerry Spence on the show. Regular, and even irregular listeners have know my obsession with reaching out to people and letting them know how you feel about them...yeah, as my friend said “before it doesn't matter”, before they, or you die. I’d been corresponding with Atty Spence via email and I just couldn’t seem to get him scheduled. I started to be concerned ,well, to worry...yeah: obsess that maybe his health wasn’t good. So, I started calling and finally got his WONDERFUL wife, Imagine, on the phone. We spoke for awhile and she eased my mind regarding Gerry’s health . To the contrary, Imagine assured me that Gerry’s doing really well just really busy working on another book! Imagine ‘conspired’ with me: She would be certain that Gerry was near the phone when I would call, live, on-air and sing Happy Birthday to him….on his 89th birthday. Gerry received the call with joy!
He thanked me...then I needed to tell him what the relationship with him has meant to me. I needed to thank him and remind him that Atty Gerry Spence , a hero of mine, complimented me... how inspirational that was to a new talk show host. How he welcomed me into his life on and off air over the years, always with LOVE. I asked him, at 89 years of age, what’s it all about...what’s important to him now. He told me one word: LOVE. It’s all about opening your heart with and to LOVE. At my very ripe age of 64, I don’t understand why this is, well, why so many humans make this so difficult. I still think about how many people reached out to me when I wrote the ‘Unanswered Knock of Love blogs a number of years back . Why does it so often take someone to be near death to express LOVE? Why, so often, do we wait until someone’s has a bad diagnosis... when someone’s near death for us to express ourselves, openly/honestly to them? ..or, worse, why is it that so many express their feelings after someone has already passed? Yes, I understand, all too well, that some don't/won’t respond or open up to our expressions of LOVE...but, that’s no reason for us to not make every effort to express ourselves to them. Many years ago, I had expressed my sadness that my father had never told me that he loved me...yeah, I know, he provided a roof over my head and food in my belly, but, never said “I love you” . Bun-E urged me again and again to ask him, tell him how I felt. I did, to which I received “ what kind of question is that? “ where do you come up with this dreck(crap)”, etc. Then, one day, we were having breakfast at my parents’ house, when my father said to me: “..because I love you, that’s why!” No, i don't remember what preceded that, but. I am so very grateful that I heard it. Why my father found it so easy and natural to express his love to his wife and not to his son, I’ll never know, but, again, i’m so grateful I heard it, and here I recall and write about it long after his passing (over 25 years ago). I cannot ‘over-urge’ you to express your HONEST feelings ,NOW, to those you care about and those who’ve made a positive impact on your heart, on your life….as my friend said and I wrote about in my last blog: “before it doesn’t matter anymore”, and, not just for that reason, but, because LOVE is what nourishes our soul….LOVE is the food for our heart like water is to the rose. No heart should be empty….the difference is that the water can empties as the rose soaks it the water up ...but, the heart GROWS when it spreads LOVE !

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