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Slimey Shmuely and the King-done = 2 Bad Jews

 Everynight at nine pm-if I'm near a television-I put CNN on in the hope that Larry King might redeem himself-that he just might ask a probing question and sound like and appear that he's actually present/paying attention to the interview-ee. In fairness, I rarely make it past the introduction-since so ...

What a long, strange trip it is

 I started in radio 'bout 10 years ago(my early radio daZe). One of my main 'issues' was this area's 'love' of then congressman-Jim Traficant. I refered to Jim as "mob-connected,corrupt, an embarassment and ,ineffective...", etc.I was told-repeatedly-(among other things) that Jim was "beloved" "reveared and respected" in Washington,D.C. No,I didn't believe ...