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Your world can dramatically change in instant – ours did at Friday at 1 am

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George Sofranko and The Boss

  L2 and I visit Atty George Sofranko. We don't say we will and we don't try to visit George - we do.   George  Sofranko is a HUGE fan of 'The Boss'. He's seen a number of concerts and collects Springsteen memorabilia.  George has two tickets for the concert  next Tuesday (19April) ...

Warning Sign

check out the date on this : Overuse of antibiotics in farm animals is the focus of government health agencies BOSTON - THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 1998 IDEAS, SCIENCE Controlling Bacteria on the Farm Staff writer of The Christian Science MonitorITHACA, N.Y.To improve meat safety, the federal government for years has allowed ...