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Streda, marec 21, 2007<br />thoughts on monday\'s louie free show<br />Tonight I went to the website of local talk show host

Lives,well, deaths, as political currency

Another "anniversary" of our war in Iraq came and went. A few more newspaper articles,a few more editorials, a few talk sh

`72 virgins-you call that a reward?

<br />72 VIRGINS-You call that a reward?<br /><br />Let\xc3\xa2\xe2\x82\xac\xe2\x84\xa2s put this one to bed. OK, I am still

Izzatullah wasifi-valley schooled?

Izzatullah Wasifi-know him?<br /><br /> Izzy has a new job. Izzy is Afghanistan\'s new anti corruption chief. He and a staf

Is zero tolerance a joke?

I received a few emails re: the recent "zero tolerance" issue.<br />Here\'s one:<br /><br />Louie,<br />I feel safer now that