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Reviewing burgers!


We are the M.V.B.R.B., the "Burger Guys". A fondness of great hamburgers has brought us together on a relentless, quest to find the absolute best burgers in the Mahoning Valley! We have made it our mission to visit the most popular eateries, as determined by our readers, and then report back with all of our findings. We're now bringing that mission to the pages of The Vindicator. We invite you to join the quest! There's a lot of burgers on a lot of menus out there - we could use your help! Email us at with the name of the restaurant, tavern or bar that you think can crack our top 10 list! Or, on Facebook, leave a comment at Hamburger Review Board or Burger Guys ( Or just leave your nominee for a great burger to put on our list, right here at




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"Cheeseburger in Paradise"