Bryant Youngblood Jr. (Democrat)

Running forYoungstown Council 1st Ward - Democrat
ResidenceYoungstown, OH
EducationI graduated from Ursuline High School in 2006 and continued my education at The Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, VA. There I earned a Bachelors of Science with a focus in Biology. I am also finishing up a Masters program in Curriculum and Instruction at Youngstown State University.
EmployerThe Academy for Urban Scholars (Teacher)
Youngstown City Schools (Football Coach)
FamilyAmaris E Forney (Daughter)
Reasons for runningI have entered this race to instill a sense of pride and hope throughout the community and attempt to demonstrate how effective our city can be when we can work together to fulfill a common goal.
Priorities The key to being a servant of your community is ensuring that you are always accessible. I will be hands on in all endeavors throughout the city and specifically within my ward. I recognize the importance of building relationships with the citizens of the 1st ward. I'll work to strengthen those relationships because of the pivotal role that it will play in creating opportunities and attracting more business to the inner city. I will work vigorously to educate citizens of the 1st ward on current legislation, plans for the city and the resources that are accessible to them by attending all block watch meetings and putting out monthly newsletters. I also plan to work with city administration and other city officials to bring a grocery store into the city and make transportation to existing stores more convenient.
There are numerous vacant lots throughout the city and I want to work with the current administration to use those spaces for quality apartment complexes that keep our citizens from moving to outer suburbs and remaining within city.Lastly, the youth has always been important to me and I would like to implement more extracurricular activities within my ward such as arcades, internet hubs and more recreational centers.

QualificationsWhile attending the Virginia Military Institute I was a leader and advocate for fairness and positive change on campus while serving as the Vice President of the General Committee. After spending some time in the DC/Maryland area I returned home in 2014 and immediately immersed myself in the development of youth. I became a servant of my community and began building strong community ties as an educator and a football coach of the East High Golden Bears. My work ethic, patience, leadership qualities and compassion for our youth has always been recognized by my peers. Despite any of the differences that may exist I know what it takes to work together as a team to accomplish, achieve and execute a plan to make Youngstown a better place.

Positions on the issues I've noticed that the lack of communication has plagued our city. The relationship between citizens and government, unions and employers, educators and the education administration and even children and their parents. It is a priority that all groups learn to work collectively in cementing the future of our city. We are aware of the issues that we face as a city and none of them will be solved if we aren't able to set aside personal agendas and our egos to begin addressing the solutions.