GM is clear traitor to its workers, the nation

GM is clear traitor to its workers, the nation

General Motors is a traitor to the United States and its workers.

These same workers and the community helped pay the $51 billion to keep GM in business; as everyone can see big corporations could care less about their workers and their families.

When the bailout occurred, why didn’t the federal government state in the agreement that GM must keep its U.S. factories in business? The federal government is part of the problem also.

I keep seeing that commercial by GM showing people turning cards over stating that they switched to Chevy. I think that a new commercial should be put out stating “Don’t switch to Chevy because they are a GM product.”

It’s a shame that workers have to move to different cities so they can continue working. That has to be a real heartache for families and there is no reason for it but one – “GREED.”

I just heard that GM might sell the Lordstown plant to a company that makes electric vehicles. I hope it goes through.

Bud McKelvey, Hermitage, Pa.

Ohio legislators should thwart nuclear bailout

Ohio Legislators propose House Bill 6 to save from bankruptcy First Energy Solutions, the owner of two high-risk inefficient nuclear power plants on Lake Erie. These plants are obsolete and risk accidents like those that occurred at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island.

HB 6 puts a tax on all consumers of electricity in Ohio to save these nuclear plants. The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association and most environmental groups oppose HB 6. The Ohio Chamber of Commerce is lukewarm on it.

The argument for bailing out nuclear energy in HB 6 is to reduce carbon contamination of the atmosphere. Market forces are doing that anyway. Fossil fuel interests support HB 6 because it favors them. It causes more carbon contamination than the current law.

The abundance of natural gas from shale is now being used to generate electricity more economically and with less carbon pollution than other fossil fuels. Wind and solar energy are now cost competitive. These clean-energy sources are creating Ohio jobs. What Ohio needs, are laws to remove restrictions on building wind farms, and a fair rate to be paid to owners of wind and solar generators when they put electricity on the grid. Ohio does not need HB 6.

Albert Gabel, Columbus

Gabel is a professor emeritus of veterinary clinical services at Ohio State University.

It sure doesn’t look like boom times in the Valley

I’m writing this letter as a confused citizen. It has been reported constantly that the economy is booming. I ask the question: How?

Every time I read or hear the news it has been reported that another business has closed, putting more people out work. GM Lordstown is the latest, putting thousands of people in the street. What about all of the retail stores out of business?

Last month, Falcon Trucking closed its doors and informed the workers by e-mail that they no longer have a job. The list goes on.

One big example is during the government shut down. Within a week, people were in food lines, many worried about paying bills, losing their homes, looking for other jobs, so on and so on.

Please somebody tell me how the economy is booming? I don’t see it.

Barbara Fleeton, Boardman

Leaders who dilute rights to abortion face backlash

I hope Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, state Rep. Don Manning and state Sen. Michael Rulli take concerns about the recently enacted Heartbeat Bill seriously.

As a mother of two kids, I’m so deeply afraid of what the Heartbeat Bill may mean for them. I’ve tried to educate my kids on how to make smart choices. But this prohibitive legislation all but takes away the element of choice.

The ban will lead to many more children in Ohio’s already bulging children’s services. The state is already one of the lowest funded in the country for foster care, and the problem is being exacerbated by Ohio’s opioid crisis.

I have never chosen abortion in my own life; however, I will fight for the right of women to have their own bodily autonomy. These other laws I hear about going around are more concerning, with proposals to restrict certain popular contraceptions, and even looking at investigating women who lose pregnancies and felony charges for women who get an abortion in a legal state. This is a slippery slope.

The legislators are coming for our bodies and we will not go down gently. If it was our right to possess guns being called into question, the government would have no chance; they would be met with such strong opposition.

Well the pursuit of happiness, which totally means having the ability to choose when to have a baby, is on the chopping block. And I for one refuse to let this quietly happen. We are speaking out. Hear us or we won’t vote you back in next time.

Elizabeth Lehman, Salem

Stop bullying peaceful pro-life demonstrators

The greatest threat to world peace isn’t Presi-dent Donald Trump. It’s abortion and feminism.

Who’s teaching this world to throw such things as morals, ethics, and love for one’s own child to the curb like garbage? The very values that safeguard us from hatred and violence are being removed, along with charity to love one’s neighbor. We’re all victims of abortion and feminism through politics and mainstream media.

It’s voting season when the poor are insulted, and everyone else is called a racist.

So no one side wins and peaceful protesters for “life” are bullied into submission. God is out, and the human race is in control of its own destruction.

Sylvia Koczwara, Youngstown

Remember Doris Day for her animal charity

Silver screen and singing legend Doris Day recorded more than 650 songs and starred in nearly 40 films, but People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will always remember her for her most important role: animal champion.

Day did not turn away when she saw an animal in need. While filming Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Man Who Knew Too Much” in Morocco in 1956, she was so distressed about the starving goats, horses, cows, dogs, and other animals she saw around the set that she refused to continue working until the animals were helped.

Closer to home, Day personally rescued, fostered, and found loving homes for hundreds of animals, earning her the affectionate nickname, “The Dog Catcher of Beverly Hills.” Recognizing the need to stop animal homelessness at its source, she founded the Doris Day Animal Foundation, a nonprofit organization that has saved countless animals’ lives by providing grants for spaying and neutering.

In recognition of her work for animals, former President George W. Bush honored Day with the Medal of Freedom.

If the thousands of animals she helped throughout her lifetime could give awards, they would surely give Day an Oscar for Best Actress in an Animal-Saving Role.

Lindsay Pollard-Post, Norfolk, Va.

Lindsay Pollard-Post represents the PETA Foundation.