Youngstown clerk releases top 60 parking-ticket delinquents

Parking ticket delinquents

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The top 60 people who owe thousands in unpaid parking tickets.

YOUNGSTOWN — The city’s clerk of courts office today released a list of the top 60 people with the most unpaid parking tickets, including lawyers, member of the local media and a car issued to the Mahoning County commissioners’ office.

The 60 owe $110,924, according to the list provided by Clerk of Courts Sarah Brown-Clark. She had overstated the figure at a Wednesday city council meeting at $150,000.

Overall, there’s about $1 million in unpaid parking tickets, with many of them written on cars downtown and near the Youngstown State University campus, Brown-Clark said.

At the top of the list is Troy Adams, who owes $4,740 in unpaid parking tickets, followed by Carla Howell at $4,400, Malcolm Horton at $3,480, and Terrell R. Wesley at $3,300.

Brown-Clark is calling for a crackdown on those who ignore numerous parking tickets. She wants council to allow police to put tire boots and/or windshield barnacles on vehicles of repeat offenders.