Fight gas-tax proposal from Gov. ‘Rhino Mike’

Fight gas-tax proposal from Gov. ‘Rhino Mike’

So here we go. Gov. Mike DeWine is in office a few weeks and already he wants to raise taxes. A 65 percent increase in the state gas tax, no less.

I am a solid Republican voter, but I have to hold my nose and vote at times. Former Gov. John Kasich had his own issues and continues to be a thorn in the side of conservatives, and now we have Rhino Mike.

Imagine your electric or heating bill increasing 65 percent. What would you do? Most would raise the roof! Who needs taxand- spend Democrats when we have Ohio Rhinos. You expect Republicans to hold the line on spending and not raise taxes. And at times, even lower taxes. You have to ask yourself, would big-time liberal Richard Corday raise gas taxes? It is my hope that Ohio taxpayers draw the line.

Here is a thought. Find a way to improve infrastructure without raising taxes. Find money in the almost $70 billion budget to get the job done. When will our elite political leaders start making decisions that don’t include raising taxes? The easy knee jerk reaction is to raise the gas tax.

Now that we have common sense regulations on drilling we have seen a boom in oil and gas production. The result is we are no longer dependent on foreign oil, and consumers have benefited in a big way with lower prices at the pump. Take a ride along the Ohio River from East Liverpool to Marietta and see all the pipe lines under construction. Drive by Monaca, Pa., at the Ohio River, and see the massive cracker plant under construction. It is truly amazing.

In the midst of this boom, that benefits the consumer, “Rhino Mike” wants to take political advantage and raise prices at the pump. And he does it very early in his first (and maybe his last) term, hoping we will forget what he did a few years from now. Rhino Mike’s plan includes sharing the revenue with cities and towns there-by mitigating the political backlash. It seems career politicians just don’t get it, no matter what political party they are from.

Let’s take a stand. We as consumers need to let the political elites in the governor’s mansion and the Ohio Senate and House know that we won’t let this stand. The only thing these politicians respond to is political pressure. Let’s apply the pressure.

Guess I won’t be invited to “Rhino Mike’s” ice cream social this year.

John Himes, Cortland

Mohip commended for restoring sports at Chaney

I would like to thank CEO Krish Mohip, while he is still employed here, for his work with the Youngstown schools. I wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

Mr. Mohip fixed a terrible mistake from the previous leader. To end all athletic activities at Chaney High School was wrong. I’m surprised this was allowed to happen. I’m a proud graduate of Fitch, and Chaney was one of our biggest rivals.

Chaney has so much football tradition and talent as any school in the area including: Frank Sinkwich, Heismen Trophy winner 1942; Matt Cavanaugh, QB, Pitt National Champions; and a friend of mine, Gary Deniro, two-time champ at Alabama and many more.

Mr. Mohip also dealt with a lot of backlash and drama from some school board members. His house was vandalized a few times. That should never have happened. When you end athletics, it also negatively impacts to a certain degree school spirit, pride and enjoyment.

I remember enjoying Friday night football games, basketball and pep rallies. You need a balance between academics and athletics. You’re also hurting someone who would want to achieve an athletic scholarship for college. Welcome back. Good luck Chaney sports – except when you play Austintown Fitch.

Mike Cholensky, Youngstown

Police shirk responsibilty by using speed cameras

What if a report- er showed up at a public meeting or a court hearing, stayed just long enough to take a picture, then left? Would we say the journalistic function had been served and that the public had been informed?

What if fire departments just sent out letters saying “we noticed your house was on fire, please try not to let that happen again” or EMTs only sent “get well” cards?

Would we think these professionals were doing their jobs or that they had the public interest in mind or a sense of responsibility to their duties? No.

So why do police get to just sit with a camera and have some third-party corporation send out speeding tickets?

This is hardly acceptable practice for those tasked with upholding the law and preserving public safety.

Let’s be clear – this isn’t about safety; it’s a cash grab, nothing more. It’s predatory, it’s lazy, and it’s even cowardly. More to the point, it’s grossly irresponsible.

Speeding is a violation of the law, presumably because it is an unsafe behavior likely to result in a crash and potential injury or even death. At least, that’s what police have told us for decades.

So if a cop sees someone engaging in a dangerous behavior, shouldn’t they stop them then and there? Isn’t that the fundamental function of their job?

Why should we believe speeding is a public-safety risk if police don’t think it’s important enough to stop us from doing it in the moment?

Never mind that traffic stops are the No. 1 method of contact between police and the public, and most cops will tell you they frequently result in hits on warrants, drugs, weapons, stolen vehicles, and other criminal offenses.

Never mind the potential for errors or misidentifications, the lack of accountability, or the myriad constitutional problems.

Never mind that the driver or passenger could have an emergency and need help, or that it could be a road rage incident in progress, or that they might be drunk or otherwise impaired, or that they’re fleeing a crime scene, or any number of scenarios that should command direct and immediate LEO attention.

Let’s just focus on the fact that they’re letting someone commit a crime and – allegedly – endanger others right in front of them, and doing absolutely nothing about it. How will it rest on your consciences if a tragedy occurs that you could have prevented, but all you did was take a picture of a license plate?

Sure, those tickets are annoying. What’s more annoying? Paying police who don’t care enough about public safety to live up to their responsibilities.

Dan Pompili, Youngstown

Follow Bible to lessen sex abuse by clergy

The pope and many bishops from around the world met for four days on sex abuse in the Catholic Church last week and accomplished nothing.

How do I know this? Simple. The Bible says those involved in sexual sins are to be put to death, not be moved to another parish. It’s in Leviticus 20:10-21.

The Old and New Testaments both agree.

Matthew 18:5-7 quotes Jesus saying it is better for someone to be cast into the sea than to hurt a child. Mark 9:42 and Luke 17:2 repeat this quote. Romans 1:26-27 & 32 talks about sexual sinners and that they should die. I Corinthians 10:6-8 also says this.

The Bible also says priests must marry. Leviticus 21:7-8 and 13. Celibate priests will find an outlet for their desires and that’s the problem. Marriage would solve this problem.

If the Church followed the Holy Book the sex crimes would decrease significantly, and the victims would get true closure.

William Opperman, Mansfield