Brian Perry Shilling, 26, of 2 Dogwood Drive, Beloit, and Jaclyn M. Jackson, 23, of same.

Derek M. Kline, 55, of 6741 S. Salem-Warren Road, Canfield, and Danielle M. Phillips, 39, of same.

Justin E. Roth, 35, of 11495 Campfire Circle, Canfield, and Carla A. Pacino, 31, of same.

Jamelle Jones, 31, of 751 Liberty Ave, Youngstown, and Tara M. Voto, 40, of 831 Croton Ave., New Castle, Pa.

Thomas J. Burton, 29, of 4620 Norquest Drive, Austintown, and Dana L. Lucido, 28, of same.

Rodney P. McMeans, 24, of 3160 Leo Ave., Youngstown, and Sha Nay Robinson, 26, of 338 Bessemer St., Youngstown.

Dominic A. Gentsy, 23, of 2830 E. Calla Road, Poland, and Kylie J. Kohler, 24, of same.

Jeffrey A. Savnik, 31, of Youngstown, and Courtney M. Gratz, 28, of same.

Chakri Yarlagadda, 53, of 3924 Montereale Drive, Canfield, and Kanaka Durga Juvva, 43, of same.

Justin E. LePage, 24, of Newport, Ky., and Janelle F. McHugh, 20, of 10232 Salem Warren Road, Salem.

Vincent P. Barbone, 32, of 9061 Salem-Warren Road, Salem, and Alexa P. Weaver, 32, of same.

Randy Hargrove, Jr., 30, of 2742 South Ave., Youngstown, and Amanda Sowell, 30, of same.

Jason M. Cramer, 29, of 204 S. Four Mile Run Road, Austintown, and Angelica L. Watson, 28, of same.

Jacob T. Harvie Henry, 28, of 817 Pearson, Unit 4, Boardman, and Sarah E. Gleydura, 24, of 2421 Venloe Drive, Poland.


Crescent Electric Supply Co. v. Control System Manufacturing Inc., order of magistrate.

Ashley Roberson v. Addison G. Fluent III, order of magistrate.

John Saunders et al v. Mathew Sweely Jr., order of magistrate.

Rachel L. Dorsey et al v. Cheryl Angeloff et al, order of magistrate.

Charles J. Shelton Jr. v. North Jackson Specialty Steel LLC et al, order of magistrate.

Discover Bank v. Joseph A. Warminski, dismissed.

Chemical Bank v. Mary E. Hritzo et al, order of magistrate.

State v. Melvin Stewart, sentenced.

State v. Valentina V. Kelly, partially dismissed.

State v. Demetrius M. Dawson, sentenced.

State v. Sheila Kralj, sentenced.

State v. David K. Dickinson, sentenced.

State v. Anthony Williams, sentenced.

State v. Christopher J. Hill, pleads guilty.

State v. Gary A. Highfield, sentenced and required to register as a sex offender.

Joseph Battista v. Laurence M. Kilbert et al, order of magistrate.

New Beginnings Residential Treatment Center LLC et al v. Steel Town LLC et al, order of magistrate.

Francisco A. Mateo MD Inc. v. Nicholas G. Proia MD et al, order of magistrate.

Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc. v. Gregory Warren et al, foreclosure.

Frank Susany v. Emily A. McIntyre et al, order of magistrate.

Joel K. Mehlmann v. Eliza R. Hens Greco et al, order of magistrate.

Kevin W. Pridemore v. Richard Fryson, order of magistrate.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC v. Kimberly R. Wetzl et al, order of magistrate.

Jennifer Hurst v. Edward Duncan et al, order of magistrate.

RB and G Properties Ohio LP v. Bryant R. Butler et al, dismissed.

Leroy E. Braxton v. Progressive Specialty Insurance Co., settled.

Carmen Rosado Rodriquez v. Nemenz Lincoln Knolls Market Inc. et al, order of magistrate.

Gail Hettrick v. Youngstown Publishing Co. et al, order of magistrate.

Steven K. Price et al v. Cherye L. Butler et al, order of magistrate.

Jerilyn B. Cromartie v. Sahara M. Rogers, order of magistrate.

Bank of America NA v. William Laguardia, order of magistrate.

American Advisors Group v. Helen T. Crum et al, order of magistrate.

James E. Turner v. Beverly Hills Floors Inc. et al, order of magistrate.