Tim Ryan unveils plan for manufacturing

Staff report


U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan of Howland, D-13th, a 2020 presidential candidate, has unveiled a six-point plan to strengthen America’s manufacturing sector and protect working families.

The plan includes economic stimulus and investment in American laborers, and creation of a National Manufacturing Office headed by a chief manufacturing officer tasked with developing and enacting a national manufacturing strategy, setting production standards, increasing levels of advanced manufacturing, and taking on manufacturing-related issues.

The plan also focuses on rebuilding forgotten cities and former manufacturing-based counties through a National Infrastructure Development Bank. “We must invest in new industries, especially the technology sector, which is building the foundation for a new era of American industrial supremacy.” Ryan said, adding, “American laborers must also be empowered” for the challenges of an increasingly global market through apprenticeships and other programs.

Ryan will participate in the second set of Democratic presidential candidate debates Tuesday night in Detroit. Ten other candidates will debate there Wednesday night.