More structural change needed in Puerto Rico

Washington Post: “RICKY, RENUNCIA, el pueblo te repudia!” – “Ricky, resign, the people reject you.”

That was the chant taken up by the people of Puerto Rico, who took to the streets in unprecedented protests of government corruption over the past two weeks. Finally, late Wednesday, embattled Gov. Ricardo Rossell ≥ heeded the message and announced his resignation. It was a historic moment, and Puerto Ricans are right to take pride in an extraordinary political awakening that united the island in a demand for a better government.

But if that goal is to be fully realized, more than Mr. Rossell ≥’s departure will be needed. It is important that Puerto Ricans continue to press for change that will root out the corruption and dysfunction that for far too long have marked how the U.S. territory has been governed.

Vulgar messages

The resignation of Mr. Rossell ≥, who was compromised by scandals that included the leak of vulgar and insulting messages between him and his advisers, set off joyous celebration.

“Fireworks. Cheers. Hugs. Pots banging,” a Fox News reporter tweeted from San Juan. Mr. Rossell ≥ had tried mightily to stay in office: He begged for forgiveness, promised not to run for re-election and resigned as head of his party. Only after he was told the Legislature planned to start impeachment proceedings did he agree to resign. That his announcement came at about 11:40 p.m. after a day of frenzied rumor and via a Facebook video that touted the “success” of his administration was a fitting coda to his troubled tenure.