MK library hosts first craft and trunk sale

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Neighbors | Jessica Harker .Sherron Jackson or Birch Hill Cottage sold her crafts at the Friends of the Michael Kusalaba library Craft and Trunk sale on June 22.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker .Abbe Studet and her step-daughter Miley were present at the Michael Kusalaba library for the first Craft and Trunk sale hosted by the Friends of the Library.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker .James Chizmar sold items from his trunk in the Michael Kuslaba library parking lot for the first Craft and Trunk sale.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker .John Slanina, James Chizmar and Patricia Sveth represented Rocky Ridge Neighbors at the Michael Kusalaba library, selling locally made maple syrup.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker .Chuck Parker and Dion Taylor from Cafe Augustine sold hot dogs at the Michael Kusalaba library on June 22 at the first Craft and Trunk Sale.


The Friends of the Michael Kusalaba library hosted the first Craft and Trunk sale on June 22.

Diane Liptak, the library’s Development Director, organized the event with the group.

“We really want to grow this,” Liptak said. “We wanted to high light local vendors as well.”

A member of the Friends, Cindy Anderson, said that the event is about making the library a community center.

“The group wants to do anything we can to make the library a place that is not just about books,” Anderson said.

During the event vendors set up in the library’s main meeting area.

The friends of the library sold books, along with art from Gallery 18 and hand crafted decor from Birch Hill Cottage.

Jewelry from Abbe Studer was also available, along with maple syrup and onion scapes sold by the Rocky Ridge Neighbors.

St. Augustine also sold hot dogs and drinks to community members gathered at the event.

Community members were also able to set up for a trunk sale in the library parking lot.

Liptak said that in the future the library is interested in growing the event by partnering with the Farmers Market.

“We want this program to grow, but to do that we need the Friends of the Library to grow as well,” Liptak said.

For more information on the group, or to join the friends, contact Liptak at 330-740-6086 or at