Green Team and Mother Earth visit the library

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Neighbors | Jessica Harker .Peggy Flynn, dressed as Mother Earth, read to children gathered at the Michael Kusalaba library June 13 for the Mother Earth and Green Team event.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker .Childrens worked on earth themed crafts at the Michael Kusalaba library June 13.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker .Children worked to color the earth onto door hangers June 13 at the Michael Kusalaba library's event hosted by the Green Team.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker .Green Team member Peggy Flynn read "Dear Children of Earth" to children gathered at the Michael Kusalaba library June 13.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker .Children listened to "Dear Children of Earth" read by Green Team member Peggy Flynn June 13.


The Green Team visited the Michael Kusalaba library on June 13.

Green Team member Peggy Flynn, along with Jamille Murphy from Green Youngstown, visited children at the library.

Flynn read “Dear Children of Earth” to the nine children and their families gathered at the event.

Dressed up as Mother Earth, Flynn said that her goal was to help children become aware of the issues facing the planet.

“This book is great because it tells us about our mother earth and how to take care of her,” Flynn said.

She asked children how they thought they could help the planet, and the effect that they could have.

“You can be the reason the sea turtles are healthy, and the polar bears are saved,” Flynn said.

After the reading children worked on a craft, creating earth themed door hangers.

Flynn said that the Green Team provided stickers for the back of the door hangers with the organizations contact information.

“We want to be as accessible to the community as possible, if someone needs a recycling bin or has a question about what they can and can not recycle they can contact us,” Flynn said. She explained this is more important now, as the Green Team will be changing their recycling policy.

Flynn said that the organization will only be accepting plastic bottles that are number one or two with necks in the next month.

For more information about the Green Team or to contact the organization, go to