Mill Creek MetroParks Farm hosts cicadas lecture

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Neighbors | Jessica Harker.Ashley Kulhanek presented about cicadas to community members gathered at the Mill Creek Metro Parks May 28.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker.Community members gathered at the MetroParks Farm on May 28 to learn about cicadas from Anthropologist Ashley Kulhankek.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker.Presenter Ashley Kulhanek discussed cicadas with community members at Metro Park Farms May 28 as part of the Ohio State University Extension presentation program.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker.Ashley Kullhanek, an anthropologist working with the Ohio State University Extension program, presented at the MetroPark Farms on May 28.


The Mill Creek MetroParks Farm hosted a lecture about cicadas on May 28.

Anthropologist Ashley Kulhanek gave the lecture, which was part of the collection of presentations by the OSU Extension Program and Mahoning County Ohio Certified Volunteers Naturalist Program.

“I love bugs,” Kulhanek said. “Cicadas have a special place in my heart.”

During the lecture, Kulhanek spoke to community members about common misconceptions about cicadas. She said that many people think that they are locusts, but that they are not even closely related to them.

Kulhanek also brought dead cicadas for community members to pass around, as she explained the different parts of the bug.

“We are in a special position here in Ohio because we get to see one of the rarest types of cicada,” Kulhanek said.

She explained that the one of the rarest types of cicada are the 17-year cicada, which are present only in the Northern parts of the country.

“We have people who travel from all around the world to see this,” Kulhanek said. “It really is amazing.”

During the collaborative lecture series, community members were given a worksheet to follow during the talk.

The group will host a number of other lectures throughout the next few months.

The next lecture will be on katydids and crickets, and will take place on Aug. 10.