Austintown library hosts lesson on star navigation

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Neighbors | Jessica Harker.Using her expertise from her time in the Boy Scouts Lindsay Sprauge discussed the ways sailors used ropes and the stars to navigate the oceans July 3 at the Austintown library.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker.Lindsay Sprauge taught community members gathered at the Austintown library different ways of navigating in the wilderness using the sky July 3.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker.Lindsay Sprauge with the Winterberry Homestead instructed community members in different ways to navigate using the stars at the Austintown library July 3.


The Austintown library hosted a star navigation class for teens and adults on July 3.

Lindsay Sprauge from the Winterberry Homestead hosted the class, drawing on her experience from her time in the Boy Scouts.

“I spent most of my summers on the lake as a kid,” Sprauge said.

During that time she learned about how navigate using the stars as a guide, utilizing various techniques.

“It’s what we used to do, and it never failed then,” she said. “So if you’re someone who plans to spend time in nature it is important to know.”

Sprague outlined her own experience with needing this information, during a time that her and her family got lost while hiking.

She discussed how her and her three children, now 18, 16 and 15-years-old, were forced to sleep outside overnight before they found their way back.

“It’s practical and it’s important,” Sprauge said.

During the event, more than 20 people visited the library to hear her speak.

This is the first year Winterberry Homestead, which is located in New York, has hosted events at the Mahoning County libraries.

Sprauge also performed earlier this year, putting on a sheep shearing demonstration in June.

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