Children celebrate Mother’s Day at Michael Kusalaba library

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Children's librarian Rhonda Monroe helped children match baby animals with their moms at the Tea-Riffic Moms event.






The Michael Kusalaba library celebrated Mother’s Day during the Tea-riffic Moms event on May 6.

Children’s librarian Rhonda Monroe hosted the event for children ages 3-5.

“This is the first time we have held this here, but a lot of the local libraries have similar events for Mother’s Day,” Monroe said.

During the event Monroe read a number of books to the children gathered, including “Piglet and Momma” and “Are you My Mommy?”

Children also sung songs and danced to music along with Monroe.

“We are celebrating Mother’s Day,” Monroe said. “Everything is Mother’s Day themed.”

Monroe organized games for children as well, having them match baby animals with their mothers based on the noises they make.

She said that the event is fun, which disguises all the benefits young children get from the activities.

“They get the motion benefits, they’re working on reading comprehension, they are learning to connect visuals and sounds,” Monroe said.

Children also had a tea party with their moms, where the children had the opportunity to serve their mothers muffins and sweet tea.

While the mothers enjoyed their snacks, Monroe helped the children create a Mother’s Day craft to give as a gift.

Children created cards for their mothers and grandmothers using supplies provided by the library.

“It’s just a fun way to celebrate moms and grandmas at the library,” Monroe said.

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