He’s worse than Nixon

He’s worse than Nixon

During the ’70s, I thought Richard Nixon was a “Pathological Liar” and a “Shyster.” I must be watching another episode of history repeating itself – but worse. I’m sure glad I have the wisdom to know a “Deceiver” when I see one.

Carol “Shortie” Mikita, Hubbard

Amid shutdown, tips on improving government

With the govern- ment in partial shutdown and Congress and the president refusing to work together to attain solutions while 800,000 people will not be receiving paychecks but still working and/or laid off, here are a few common-sense solutions that the American people need to see changed:

If there is any type of government shutdown, then the president, staff and Congress should also not be paid (the suffering and pain caused by both parties does not extend to all levels).

There needs to be a constitutional push to limit how long a person can serve in Congress to 16 years in office in their lifetime. Congress should never be a lifetime position.

Something needs to be done. The American people deserve better than what we currently have in this administration and its obvious lack of leadership.

Serve the people or resign.

Michael O’Hara, Youngstown

Republicans, Democrats must learn to cooperate

I am concerned about the partial shutdown of our government as are many others. When the Democrats (socialists in my view) who want to give everything away to even the illegal immigrants, then my suggestion is that they pay the people not receiving paychecks a portion of theirs.

I also am concerned about the wall that we need on our borders. Why do the Democrats in favor of it prior to the election of Donald Trump now oppose it? What they are saying in reality is that we oppose our president. This is to me a personal vendetta not a decision that would secure our country.

The news media immediately state that the president is exaggerating figures and trying to scare the American people. Why should we believe them more than our president as they have also reported inaccuracies. Who and what do we believe?

Further concerns are not having term limits for senators, congressmen and even our local party chairmen. We need people with new ideas, that are fresh and don’t become tainted after serving many years. They become unaware of the real needs of the real people. Why are their benefits not the same as ours? And yet, why do they build walls to protect their homes and families but don’t want to build a wall to protect our nation?

I am fortunate to have lived through the good times in our country, but I am fearful that my children and grandchildren will be living through the bad times in our country.

Republicans and Democrats need to be working together, and if they can’t then our country will be destroyed. I say this not as a fear factor but as the truth.

Nancy Epstein, Boardman

In bashing Trump, Dems committing slow suicide

I believe any Demo- crat who votes to deny President Donald Trump the funds to build a wall for the safety of our country and its people should be charged as “irresponsible contributors defending criminals” if any illegal immigrant kills any person in our country or commits a crime.

I knew the Democrats lost the 2016 election, I didn’t know they lost their minds.

They obviously never knew that “wise minds bring gain,” hateful minds bring decay.

They also must never have heard of committing slow suicide. What they hope to attain the most will cause them to fail by playing their dirty tricks with the president. Americans are not stupid.

I’m in the habit of telling those I disagree with to put that in their pipe and smoke it, but the Democrats seem to be loaded with enough bad habits.

I’m 88 years old. No dementia, no Alzheimer’s. Just mad as hell and can’t wait to vote.

If praying pays, dear Lord, keep me alive.

Mary Lou Jurina, Youngstown

Raise taxes on rich to pay for the unnecessary wall

The U.S. government shutdown is just another tactic in the Trump agenda to diminish the functions of our government that are of little interest to him. All he wants is what he wants. He doesn’t care what he has to do to get his way. We must not give in to his bullying tactics because the $5 billion he wants is not the end of it. He is like a blackmailer. He will keep demanding more and more.

Border security is important, but a wall can be climbed over, dug under or broken. It needs constant surveillance just as our border is protected already. What we really need to do is get involved to prevent the conditions that are causing refugees.

Finally, we must not give in to the expense of the wall because it will cause more deficit spending. It seems that the Republicans only care about government spending when Democrats are in power.

They complained about the cost of Obamacare, but Trump’s wall costs even more.

We must insist the cost be paid for with new taxes. Income tax on the rich must be increased to the Obama rate. Make Trump and his billionaire friends pay for the wall since the Mexicans won’t.

Austin Kuder, Seven Hills

Progress under Trump stifled by liberal elites

Former President Bill Clinton’s famous campaign slogan, “It’s the economy, stupid,” was directed toward President George Bush the elder during the 1992 presidential race. I agree with President Clinton’s assertion.

One of the top priorities for citizens is to provide financial support for their families; it follows then, that the economy is of great interest.

The Sept. 8 Vindicator Business section reported that consumer confidence is at an 18- year high, economic growth is 4.2 percent, fastest pace in four years; the unemployment rate is 3.9 percent; the jobless rate is on pace to reach 3.5 percent, lowest level in 50 years. The stock market is reaching all-time highs as well.

In August, the average hourly pay rose 2.9 percent; highest increase in nine years. Household incomes are growing. Americans living in poverty is dropping. But none of these facts makes front-page headlines.

Former President Barack Obama recently tried to take credit for the strong economy. With all due respect, when Hillary Clinton promised that she would continue Obama’s policies, that drove many to vote for Trump.

President Donald Trump facilitated talks between North and South Korea. They have not talked positively since the Korean conflict. He has challenged NATO members to pay their fair share, which is good for our economy. His pursuit of better trade deals is on target, regardless of what one thinks of his tactics.

President Trump is addressing illegal immigration by applying current laws enacted by Congress. Placing the blame on President Trump and ICE for the consequences of enforcing the law is misplaced blame.

Challenging the status quo in the FBI, CIA, IRS, NATO, UN and the bloated bureaucracies inside Washington has generated enormous resistance.

President Trump has been in office less than two years; he is doing what we sent him there to do. Just imagine how much more could be accomplished if he weren’t distracted by the 360-degree relentless harassment received from Hollywood and sports elites, D.C. insiders and the media.

Joe LoCicero, Canfield