Library hosts DIY Festive Mason Jar event

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Neighbors | Jessica Harker.Community member Ginger ZInk decorated her mason jar on Dec. 17 at the Michael Kusalaba library's DIY Festive Mason Jars.


Neighbors | Submitted.Community member's used their own creativity to create unique DIY Festive Mason Jars at the Michael Kusalaba library on Dec. 17.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker.Librarian Hannah Matulek explained to community members the supplies the Michael Kusalaba library had available during the DIY Festive Mason Jars event on Dec. 17.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker.The Michael Kusalaba library had a range of supplies available for community members to use to design their unique festive mason jars.


Neighbors | Submitted.Using supplies provided by the Michael Kusalaba library community members created unique mason jar designs during the first DIY Festive Mason Jar event.


The Michael Kusalaba Library hosted a holiday craft with their DIY Festive Mason Jars on Dec. 17.

Librarian Hannah Matulek organized the event, saying it was a totally personalized craft.

“We pull up some ideas and provide supplies, but they can create what ever they want,” Matulek said.

Six community members attended the event, decorating mason jars with various supplies.

Matulek said she often does self-run craft events at the library, including earlier this year with Thankful Trees.

“I like to think of ideas and provide the supplies, letting everyone kind of be creative and do their own thing,” Matulek said.

Community members created themed mason jars at the event including snow men and reindeer.

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