Cleveland area BOEs offer support in Y'town BOE lawsuit


East Cleveland Education Association and the Lorain Education Association filed a “friend of the court” brief Friday on behalf of Youngstown Board of Education’s legal battle against House Bill 70.

A “friend of the court” brief is a court filing written in support of another party’s contention. It was filed in the Ohio Supreme Court by the labor unions.

HB 70, also referred to as the Youngstown Plan, enabled a state-appointed academic distress commission to hire CEO Krish Mohip to lead the district.

Mohip will be leaving the district July 31, and a new CEO will be selected by the academic distress commission.

The brief claims Am. Sub. HB 70 violates the Ohio Constitution’s Three Reading Rule.

“Am. Sub. HB 70 was introduced, amended and adopted all in the same day,” it continues. “There were no hearings, no open debates and no opportunity for legislators to communicate with their constituents over the issue.”

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