Coulter shows penchant for hypocrisy and bias

Coulter shows penchant for hypocrisy and bias

I am writing in reaction to the recent column by Ann Coulter that focused on immigration (Vindicator, Feb. 11, “Commander in Chief Trump must not hesitate to command”).

Her hypocritical points about Latin American immigrants are so outrageous and insane. Does she ever try to think from the other side of the spectrum? She is so worried about poor Mexicans making money, while at the same time she doesn’t blink at the rich stealing from the whole country. Why is she so mad, what makes her so upset about immigrants – legal or illegal – making a living to provide for their families in America and even back in Mexico?

She also actually believes that the money that the immigrants earn is ruining America in some crazy fantasy type of way. If she would try to escape her own political ideology bubble, she would know that some of the rich are doing outrageous things. Instead of attacking the immigrants, why not talk about the other fraudulent activities the rich have committed?

How about we talk about the government. Why isn’t she writing columns about the amount of money that America is giving away to foreign countries that use it to mass murder thousands of innocent people, i.e. Saudi Arabia? Billions of dollars are being thrown away that could have produced jobs for millions of Americans.

In reality, I think she is a borderline racist. Even while she is writing this article, she mentions certain stereotypes of Mexicans or Latin Americans. She brings up false accusations that immigrants are voting for certain politicians. She is just a conspiracy theorist.

To conclude, Ann Coulter does not care about our country. Because if she did, she wouldn’t be Ann Coulter.

Mohammad Mujahed, Youngstown

Anti-choice lawmakers make case for testing

Our Ohio legisla- tors are revisiting the abortion “heartbeat bill” issue again where the taxpayers are going to foot the bill on the ensuing legal battle. Let me remind you that these politicians are sworn to uphold the Constitution, but I think they forgot to mention the Bill of Rights at the swearing- in ceremony.

The Ninth Amendment implies that rights mentioned in the Bill of Rights are not the only ones guaranteed. Government control over women’s reproductive systems does not seem to be in accord with the spirit of freedom eminent at the nation’s founding.

If the anti-choice movement wants to outlaw abortion, they should draft a constitutional amendment according to Article 5 in the Constitution. Let’s see if they can receive a two-thirds vote of both houses and two-thirds of the states. I don’t see that happening!

I think the people who pay the taxes would like to have an accounting on how taxpayer money is spent. Between money- management and constitutional matters, both are something most irresponsible politicians leave something to be desired.

There should be a constitutional test before any elected official takes office. The country has a bar exam for lawyers to pass before practicing law, so why should enforcing the Constitution be any different for elected officials?

Thomas Hufnagel, Niles

New liberal abortion law violates will of Americans

A sense of DISGUST overtook me when I read that the state of New York had passed a bill, which Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed, permitting abortions up through the ninth month of pregnancy. The legislators in the state applauded the decision and even lit up the World Trade Center in pink to celebrate. For a governor who at one time was an altar boy, it was a blatant affront to his roots.

Unfortunately, Americans in general, including Catholics, do indeed approve of abortion and Roe v. Wade remains the law of the land. Pro-life groups have been trying for years to modify the law, and legislators in several states have enacted restrictions but have had little effect in implementing meaningful changes.

One has the feeling that something is amiss in our relationships with one another. Newspapers, movies and television abound with violence, and we seem to have become immune to the value of life. Outwardly, we seem to treat animals with more deference than humans.

People’s feelings regarding abortion reveal some interesting facts. Gallup polls, a well respected source of opinion, indicate that people really do care. The trends have remained relatively constant for over 20 years and reveal that Americans are clearly opposed to abortions during the third trimester.

During the first trimester, 60 percent of Americans feel that abortion is permissible. During the second trimester, 28 percent of Americans feel that abortion is permissible. During the third trimester, only 13 percent of Americans feel that abortion is permissible.

The New York Legislature and its misguided governor have clearly enacted a law that is counter to the beliefs of the overwhelming majority of its constituents. Since our country is rigidly divided on the issue and our own feelings may not be fully formed, we must rely upon our own conscience to obtain a clear view on a matter of such grave importance. To give it the utmost attention, we must temporarily shed our political affiliations, we must clearly review our own religious or “higher power” background, we must open our minds to the mental strain unexpectedly pregnant women feel, we must carefully consider the anguish of the parents of a less than perfect child, and we should be fully aware of exactly what transpires during the procedure.

Rest assured, reconsideration of Roe v Wade is in our near future.

Art See, Canfield