Jere B to release faith-based album

Jere B to release faith-based album

Staff report


Jere Beulah of Youngstown, drummer and producer for long-lived jazz fusion band SounDoctrine, will release his debut solo album, “Fizh&Gritz.” on Sept. 11.

“Fizh&Gritz” wlll be released in staggered phases on Emanate, a new crypto-currency platform, and through a micro-subscription model on Jere B-SounDoctrine’s website, which gives subscribers’ access to various versions and mixes.

The record addresses cultural issues from a faith-based perspective.

“My motive is to spark deeper dialog into areas where people only appear to be shouting,” said Beulah.

“If we don’t learn how to engage healthy conversation, even into points where we agree to disagree, we are going to destroy the essence of the human experience and the whole of society,” he said.

The first single, “Fake News,” scrutinizes media sources for bias.

Other songs, such as “Only Two,” challenge emerging cultural norms by repeatedly quoting Genesis 1:27, affirming that God created only two genders.

“Tolerance” ponders the practice of some who cry for others to be tolerant, though they may be least likely to show tolerance themselves.

“Obfuscating Euphemisms” explores words and phrases created and redefined, such as “toxic masculinity,” “racism,” “woke,” “preferred pronouns” and others designed to reshape society.

“F&G” questions the Christian church’s response – or lack thereof – in addressing such narratives.

The tunes “Repentance,” “Shake&Shine,” “Grace&Truth” and “The One” were written to encourage and celebrate the Christian faith.

A bonus song, “Let Me Live,” which will be made available to Jere B subscribers only, is written from the viewpoint of a fetus in the womb of a mother contemplating abortion.