Grill on the Hill takes you to the top

By Anthony M. Fuda

You set your sights high all the time, and you work as hard as you can to get there. And after you make it to the top of the Hill, you need to rebuild your strength and reflect on your accomplishments – with a nice, juicy burger.

The 1950s/1960s retro decorated Grill on the Hill took us to the top of flavor, and we didn’t want to look down, not even for a second.


Where: Grill on the Hill, 3208 Wilmington Road, New Castle, Pa.

Info: 724-856-3181;

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.; Sunday; 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.; closed Mondays

Burgers: 16 burgers ($6.99 - $11.99); Challenge Burger ($18.99)

Grade: 4 stars (out of five)

At the Hill, it’s a family affair, with husband and wife owner’s Mark and Stacy Lyngarkos running the establishment, while son Matthew does the cooking. And the cooking starts at 7 a.m. – when breakfast starts. And you can order breakfast all day long. There are some interesting breakfast combinations; from the Pittsburgh Scramble to the Benny Hill Omelet, to the Cheeseburger Omelet. We were tempted with the Cheeseburger Omelet, but we’re the BurgerGuyz, so the 16 burgers on the menu were calling out to us, and we couldn’t say “No.”

Stacy said that every fresh, handmade burger is a favorite burger at the Hill. There is not one burger that stands our for patrons, because each burger is ordered at least once per day.

The selections include:


Da Bull ’n’ Da Bird

Ravioli Burger

Pulled up the Hill

Bacon Burger

Hill of a Burger

The Pittsburgher

Peanut Butter Bacon Burger

The Elvis Burger


Deep Fried Cheeseburger

Pizza Burger

Mozz Burger

Mushroom Swiss Burger

The 2 a.m. Burger

The Cliffhanger (A challenge burger: Eat the three-tiered bacon burger in 10 minutes or less, and you get that meal for free, plus a shirt. It’s 18 ounces of meat, six pieces of bacon, three slices of cheese on a fresh egg Kaiser bun. You have to eat that with loaded fries, for more bacon bliss and a root beet float. More than 50 have tried, but only 11 have succeeded.)

Jr. Cliffhanger

You can read all about these burgers and their uniquely delicious toppings at

The burgers are sided with a generous portion of hand-cut fries and set atop one of the fluffiest rolls we’ve had to date. The egg Kaiser rolls come in fresh daily from Mancinis in Pittsburgh, and you can taste the difference in the freshness.

I went with the Bacon Burger and was delighted by the flavor this masterpiece offered. The meat, the toppings and the bun were the epitome of fresh. Each bite burst with the combination of flavor and fresh, and as I carefully took each bite, I savored every morsel, and I didn’t want this burger to end. It was topped with two slices of crispy bacon, and as I finished my meal, my stomach and taste buds said, “thank you.”

JT remarked on his choice, “The Cliffhanger Jr. is a double burger. That’s two half-pound patties. I would have known that if I didn’t forget my glasses at home. After the shock of finding out that I ordered a double burger faded, I was ready to begin work. The presentation is perfect.

The plate looked like a burger commercial. The bacon was extremely crispelicious, the beef was flavorful and juicy. The fresh roll didn’t surrender to all of the weight of the burger and toppings. For me, this one checks off all of the boxes for what a burger should be!” I love the fun, diner atmosphere and everything seemed very spick and span. Mark and Stacey have really put together a great place and after hearing about Stacey’s creamed chipped beef, I immediately began planning my return trip for the S.O.S.”

Scott had the Hill of a Burger and commented, “I thought my burger was excellent, but I was even more impressed with the many burger choices on the menu, If a one-third-pound burger isn’t enough for you, there are many chances to upgrade to a double burger or even a triple burger. The bun was exceptional. It would hold up to all the burger options.”

If you are in the New Castle area and looking for a tasty treat, stop in to the Grill on the Hill and start with breakfast and stick around for a delicious dinner burger.

This is our last review with The Vindicator, and it was one Hill of a good burger. We would like to thank The Vindicator for showcasing our burger reviews for the past eight years.

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