Stars in Springfield

1. What former child star voiced Sophie, Krusty the Clown’s daughter?

2. What music superstar, credited under a pseudonym, gave voice to Leon, Homer’s mental-hospital roommate, on a memorable third-season episode of “The Simpsons”?

3. This six-time Oscar nominee provided the voice of Homer’s mom. Name her.

4. Mr. Bergstrom, a substitute teacher on whom Lisa had a crush, had the voice of what two-time Oscar winner (credited under a pseudonym)?

5. What three stars have given voice to the usually silent baby Maggie?

6. The actress who voiced Jessica Lovejoy, the Rev. Lovejoy’s daughter who was briefly Bart’s girlfriend, has racked up a whopping 21 Oscar nominations and three wins. Name her.

7. Chester J. Lampwick, the creator of Itchy & Scratchy, was voiced by what veteran Hollywood leading man?

8. She won an Oscar for playing a singer’s wife, but she gave voice to a movie star’s daughter, Greta Wolfcastle, who had a crush on Bart and dated Milhouse. Who is she?

9. Jack Crowley, a prisoner befriended by Marge, had the voice of what former big-screen Batman?

10. This veteran character actor won an Oscar for playing a police chief. On “The Simpsons,” he provided the voice of Captain Tenille, Homer’s commander in the Naval Reserve. Name him.