Animal Charity cleans up dogs abandoned in car

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By Joe Gorman


Two dogs found in a car Wednesday on the North Side and taken to the Animal Charity Humane Society were getting the spa treatment Thursday.

Baths and grooming were the main items on the agenda for the two mixed-breed dogs, said Chari Hively, interim director of Animal Charity.

Hively said the dogs – one female and male – were very thirsty and have been drinking lots of water.

Both dogs have heavily matted fur which necessitated the grooming. The female dog has a hernia that will probably require surgery.

Hively said both dogs appeared to have been socialized in the past and they appeared to be happy around people.

“They’re good spirited,” Hively said. “They’re really sociable and happy to be here. Maybe it’s because they’re around people.”

The dogs were found about 5:40 p.m. Wednesday inside a car at a home in the 800 block of Crandall Avenue.

Officers were called to the home by neighbors who told them a woman who lived in the home moved out this week but left the dogs behind in the car.

The landlord of the home told police the female tenant moved out earlier this week and the home was filled with animal waste.

The car was filled with garbage as well, reports said.

An investigation is underway to determine if charges will be filed against the person who abandoned them, Hively said.

Hively said if you are moving and can’t take your pets with you, ask friends or family members to take them in, and if a solution cannot be worked out, then take them to the Mahoning County dog pound where they will be cared for. Although the dogs had issues with fur and skin, they appeared to be in good overall shape, Hively said. An examination will be done on both of them by a veterinarian to make sure they are in good health.