Today is Monday, Sept. 17, the 260th day of 2018. There are 105 days left in the year.


On this date in:

1787: The Constitution of the United States is completed and signed by a majority of delegates attending the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

1862: More than 3,600 men are killed in the Civil War Battle of Antietam in Maryland.

1920: The American Professional Football Association – a precursor of the National Football League – is formed in Canton, Ohio.

1939: The Soviet Union invades Poland during World War II, more than two weeks after Nazi Germany had launched its assault.

1971: Citing health reasons, Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, 85, retires. (Black, who was succeeded by Lewis F. Powell Jr., dies eight days after making his announcement.)

2001: Six days after 9/11, stock prices nosedive but stop short of collapse in an emotional, flag-waving reopening of Wall Street; the Dow Jones industrial average ends the day down 684.81 at 8,920.70.

2011: A demonstration calling itself Occupy Wall Street begins in New York, prompting similar protests around the U.S. and the world.


1993: Three Austintown residents and a group of teachers at Watson Elementary have won Super Lotto jackpots in the last year and a half, making Austintown a mecca for buyers of Lotto tickets.

The Youngstown Board of Education and teachers union officials address parents’ concerns about the ongoing teachers’ strike during a public meeting at Rising Star Baptist Church. Parents demand that both sides enter nonstop negotiations.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, touring a USX Corp. steel plant in West Mifflin, Pa., defends NAFTA, telling one steel worker that 10 percent of the steel produced in that plant is exported, creating U.S. jobs.

1978: Ohio state government is selling names and addresses of Ohioans to merchandisers and receiving $250,000 in return.

William H. Vance Jr., 18, files a $775,000 lawsuit against the city of Struthers for injuries received when another boy jumped from the diving board and hit him in the head Aug. 24, 1974. The suit claims the city was negligent in not providing adequate supervision at the pool.

Art Goldberg defeats Efren Mojica, 6-2, 3-6, 6-4, to win the Men’s Class AA Division championship at Valhalla Racquet Club. All proceeds of the Consolidated Discount Stores Tournament go to the Ohio Heart Association.

1968: Joe Joseph, 34, owner of Joseph’s Beer and Wine Shop at 746 Elm St., manages to stagger to the nearby No. 7 Fire Station after he is shot in the back by an assailant while closing his shop. He is in fair condition.

A 6-year-old girl, Virginia Traino, in her first year at St. Joseph Elementary, Austintown, is killed when struck by a school bus backing up near her Pinegrove Avenue home.

Mahoning County Auditor Stephen Olenick persuades Republic Steel Corp. to pay its personal property taxes of $1.5 million early to save Youngstown schools from having to borrow against anticipated revenues.

The Youngstown Board of Education cracks down on loiterers and considers banning students from driving cars to school without special permission.

1943: Close to 200 soldiers from the Fifth Service Command encamp at Perkins Park in Warren and give residents a look at the latest in fighting equipment, including trucks, jeeps, an ambulance and various large guns, including a tank destroyer.

Dog warden Andrew Pecchio captures two dogs believed to be rabid. They had run at large on the North Side and Poland Avenue areas for more than three hours, biting a pony and three other dogs.