Liberty trustee challenges fracking points in editorial

Liberty trustee challenges fracking points in editorial

Your editorial of Aug. 28 titled “Fracking not the problem with water in Youngstown” is confusing and misleading. These are two different issues. Fracking is a problem in the entire state of Ohio due to the governor’s inability to stand strong against this industry and its need for injection wells.

Both Democratic and Republican officeholders in this state benefit from campaign contributions from this industry. If we didn’t allow fracking in Ohio, we wouldn’t need injection wells to inject the waste in our communities. This is making rural Ohio a dumping ground for toxic waste.

No one realizes the long- term effect it will have on those of us unfortunate enough to have them nearby. In the Metro Digest section of your own paper, it stated that Hubbard, Brookfield, Vienna and North Lima were meeting to discuss how we can stop this attack on our rights to clean air and water.

Susie and Dr. Ray Beiersdorfer are respected geologists. Their mission to protect the citizens of this area from further abuse from the oil and gas industry is not foolhardy but respectful. Furthermore, as a trustee in Liberty Township before the earthquakes in Youngstown caused by fracking, I was educating my residents on the dangers of fracking and injection wells. Liberty Township was settled upon coal mines, and drilling in this area could cause further destruction underground. In addition, drilling for gas or for injecting its waste not only may cause earthquakes but can ultimately contaminate our residents’ well water.

Regarding the issue stated in your editorial about House Bill 602, thank goodness that someone on the state level is actually doing their job and caring about residents.

I have authored recent letters to our state officials regarding our local water system managed through the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District. I stated what you, too, reiterated in the end of your editorial – that the time has come for an independent evaluation of MVSD drinking water distribution and charges.

Liberty officials are working proactively with Girard and the Trumbull County Sanitary Engineer’s Office toward a win-win solution for all parties involved.

Jodi K. Stoyak, Liberty

Jodi K. Stoyak is a township trustee in Liberty.

Lack of progress irks Trumbull budget panel

It has been well over a year now since the Trumbull County Budget Review Committee submitted a list of 18 cost-saving proposals to the Trumbull County commissioners. The first five of these proposals, related to collective bargaining issues, were forwarded well before the June 2017 final draft and were submitted early in order to provide the committee’s input on the then current labor contract negotiations.

A concluding paragraph from our document reads: “The Trumbull County Budget Review Committee intends to henceforth meet quarterly to monitor and report publicly on progress that the commissioners are making toward implementing these recommendations. The committee suggests that the commissioners maintain a scorecard to chart their progress on the recommendations contained herein and respectively offer to hold the quarterly meetings jointly”.

Unfortunately, only one follow-up meeting in August 2017 has been held, and there has been no documentation yet made public from the commissioners’ office.

It was the committee’s hope that with the hiring of Administrator Rebecca Gerson, pursuit of these proposals and documentation of her efforts would be of high priority and provide the transparency the committee desires from the commissioners. Unfortunately, however, numerous attempts to meet with Gerson over the last four months have been unsuccessful. Her recent departure leaves our goals in limbo.

It is the committee’s opinion that combining the office and responsibilities of county administrator with any other office is wrong-headed and not within the capability of even the most competent administrator. County oversight and management of a $40 million-plus budget is a full- time, 50-hour a week job and should not be combined with other duties. The position must be filled as rapidly as practicable.

Pursuit and development of reporting metrics for the aforementioned proposals must be the highest priority for the commissioners and any new appointee. The citizens of Trumbull County demand it and insist that the commissioners act in good faith and as competent stewards of the public purse.

Stephan Stoyak, Liberty

Stephan Stoyak is a member of the Trumbull County Budget Review Committee. Other members of the committee who signed the letter are Brian Angelo, Mike Bollas, Guy Coviello, Bernice Marino, Mike Matas, Rich Musick and John Talstein.

Trump greatly disrespected honorable John McCain

I am a proud Democrat who has great respect for Sen. John McCain. He was an honorable man who loved America, who proudly served his country in Vietnam and as a U.S. senator. He will be missed by many. His integrity was beyond reproach. His love of country was undeniable.

I am appalled by the disrespect shown by President Donald Trump. It matters not that the relationship between the two men was less than friendly. John McCain deserves every honor that can be bestowed upon him, but Trump lacks the decency to give it.

Every congressman or senator is given the respect of flying the flag at half-staff at the White House upon his or her death until their burial. Unfortunately, Trump has to get in one last dig by not allowing this to happen creating a sickening act that defines his pettiness. John McCain was a good man, one who Trump should strive to emulate. As I was putting stamp to envelope, Trump changed his mind and is now allowing the flag to fly over the White House. TV News and Twitter outrage must be responsible for reversing his decision.

I am ashamed he is the president. He is a bigoted bully who babbles bombastically. It is difficult to believe that his followers continue to buy his lies and indignity. He plays to his base, the “basket of deplorables” as Hillary Clinton so aptly described. It is beyond all comprehension how they believe a cheating, unethical person, and so righteously defend him. How can the “so-called” evangelical Christians accept his grievous sins? Bill Clinton was impeached for far less.

Let’s hope that the November elections bring change. The Trump Train is running wildly off the tracks. The engineer needs to be replaced.

Karen Behanna, Struthers

Withholding donations may get church to act on abuse

On Aug. 19, our priest at our Catholic Church gave a very moving and thought-provoking homily. His topic was the ongoing scandal in the church regarding the cardinals, bishops and priests involved in the crimes and cover-ups committed by them toward children and young adults. Our priest compared this tragedy to Jesus saying at the Last Supper, “One of you will betray me.” Hearing this, the apostles were shocked, angry, afraid, and in disbelief that such a thing was possible. Our priest then compared that to the recent grand jury revelations in Pennsylvania.

Many have betrayed Our Lord and our Holy Catholic Church. Many of us are shocked, angry, and in disbelief. Our priest said that something must be done. Even if it brought the church down, he said, “So be it.”

Recall the story in the Bible where Jesus became angry seeing the merchants and the money changers in the temple. This is called the Cleansing of the Temple.

The pope must today “cleanse our temple.” These wicked men must be named, defrocked, and punished. The victims must be heard and treated with compassion. The cover-up must stop today. The parishioners are waiting. If nothing but apologies and excuses are all we will continue to get from Rome, the faithful have no recourse but to respond by withholding their contributions. What else can we do? That may get Rome’s attention.

Roberta Matteucci, N. Lima