Pre-existing conditions should merit coverage

Pre-existing conditions should merit coverage

Pre-existing medi- cal conditions and whether insurance companies should cover those who are affected by them has always been a hot-button issue. This past election was no different. There are countless new articles that pop up daily regarding the matter, with titles such as “Minnesota GOP Senate Candidate Says People With Pre-Existing Conditions Are ‘Wealthier’” and “Possible Removal Of Pre-Existing Conditions Protections.”

So the next question becomes what exactly are pre-existing conditions and why should Americans not be denied health coverage based on them? Pre-existing conditions are defined by as, “any health problems that you had before the date that any new health care starts.” Examples of pre-existing conditions include diagnoses of cancer, diabetes, asthma, and hypertension.

I believe that no one should be denied coverage due these conditions because developing these diseases is not always in a patient’s control. Take asthma, for example; nearly 1 in 13 Americans live with this chronic condition. While the exact causes of asthma are still unknown, it is thought to be linked to genetics. In fact genetics, a nonmodifiable factor, play a role in many pre- existing conditions.

I am not saying the candidates or others who believe that these conditions should not be covered are wrong or do not have valid points for their beliefs. However, instead of blindly not covering all pre- existing conditions, decide on a case-by-case basis. If all factors, such as cause of the disease, how well a patient is compliant with treatment and otherwise health were taken into consideration I believe that would be a more fair system.

Everyone deserves to be have health-care coverage.

Meagan Mills, Lowellville

Honor veterans; stop ‘mortal follies’ of war

The best way to honor our veterans is to stop sending our young men and women into constitutionally congressional undeclared wars.

The last war authorized by Congress was against Hitler and Tojo.

These undeclared wars and the resulting carnage are inevitable as long as the industrial military complex controls our government and the largest share of our federal budget.

We have been on a war footing since 1940. With all those arms and soldiers, we seem destined to use them. For 17 years, we’ve been in Afghanistan where the British and Russians were defeated after decades. We are still occupying Iraq after a pre-emptive invasion based on false premises.

A half dozen men in Washington’s executive branch commit the USA to these mortal follies. Let us support our troops by saying no, never again. Follow the constitution. No standing armies, no wars without a congressional declaration.

We do not need a $700 billion defense budget. We do not need to be at war unless attacked by another nation. Vote for a peace candidate – that’s how to support our veterans.

Phillip Arbie, Warren

Ryan should come to his senses and back Pelosi

Those of us who have suffered insult upon insult to our patriotism and integrity by a hateful, incompetent presient of the United States felt so relieved by the diverse Democratic gains throughout the country for the House of Representatives this midterm election.

These gains could not have been possible were it not for the formidable contributions of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan appears to me to have a rather exaggerated opinion of himself and his power base. To me, he would be wise to support Pelosi for speaker of the House at this time. Her national persona is well prepared to deal with the barracudas and vipers comprising the Republican house.

When I think about Rep. Ryan’s rather milquetoast accomplishments, I am reminded that GM Lordstown looks to be abandoned in favor of low-paying, probably no benefit “jobs” at the loudly touted TJ Industries’ Home Goods distribution center. (Those poor residents who now have lost their dream quasi-country homes). His unrealistic view of bipartisanship is concerning.

I am hoping Rep. Ryan comes to his senses and backs Pelosi. After all, he is still young and has time to perfect his leadership acumen and judgment, I hope.

Kathleen Berry, Youngstown

Sociopathic behavior pervades White House

More than a half century ago, I worked for a couple of years as a psychiatric aide at the now-gone Woodside Receiving Hospital for the mentally ill in Youngstown. My lasting memory of those years is how thoroughly people can become totally disconnected from reality. This did not mean the reality playing out in patients brains was not absolutely real to them; if they had spiders crawling on them, they were every bit as real to them as their lack of spiders was to me. Most often, their mental problems made them unable to function in a society from which they needed to be protected.

Other patients who exhibited symptoms of antisocial personality disorders often needed to be separated from general society for the safety of society. Their symptoms, again reality to them, could include inability to feel remorse or to admit to or to apologize for terrible behavior; total instability in their relationships with others; ruthless manipulation of those around them; constant lying, even to the point of accepting their lies as reality; aggressive and hostile behavior toward others with no regard for the feelings of those they attack; believing, without reason, others are plotting against them; generally engaging in risky and impulsive behavior for which they refuse to accept responsibility. These are the frightening people who even the NRA would deny access to fully and semi-automatic weapons.

To make sure my memory of sociopathic behavior was correct, I checked articles in Health magazine and online articles on antisocial behaviors for the list of symptoms above.

This, in no way, makes an accurate diagnosis of the current occupant of the White House as a sociopath. However, my Joe-lunch-box understanding and first person observation of how these antisocial personalities behave says that if it walks, quacks (or tweets) like and enjoys the company of ducks (your choice of despots he “loves”) – it’s a duck. And, this one has at his command weapons that would make Wayne LaPierre quiver with excitement.

This made it impossible for me to remain an independent voter in the 2018 midterms or in the 2020 general election. Too bad, because I can support some conservative positions.

I can even accept Republican conservatives if they would just stop funding tax cuts for very wealthy persons and corporations by cutting Social Security retirement benefits paid for with our labor and taxes.

We do need leadership, but not from a sociopath. Therefore, anything or person seeking my vote for anything Trumpian, Trumpist, Trump-supportive or even Trump-adjacent won’t get it.

Jim Cartwright, Canfield

Stop blaming Trump for loss of GM shifts

Tim Ryan blames the president of the United States for the loss of two shifts at General Motors Lordstown. The price of gasoline went so low that people went to bigger cars and trucks.

U.S. Rep. Ryan and U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown ignored President Donald Trump when he came to the Youngstown Air Reserve Station in Vienna.

They claim to represent us. They are only interested in representing themselves.

George Holko, Warren