Support for US president among veterans puzzling

Support for US president among veterans puzzling

Why are President Donald Trump’s supporters so naive? They believe everything that comes out of his mouth, especially the lies. They remind you of the German people of the 1930s and 1940s who believed Hitler. We know what the results were.

He calls the news media enemies of the people because they question all he does plus the lies.

He is a known womanizer, bigot and racist. If you don’t agree with him, you are his enemy. He promotes violence at his speeches. How many people have died since he has been in office?

To the veterans who support him: Why? He refused to recognize John McCain as a war hero. He used his college deferment four times to avoid serving his country in the military. Do you have so little respect for the veterans who died for their country that you back Trump?

Do you remember when on national television he made fun of a handicapped news person? If any of his supporters thought that was funny, shame on you.

Edward P. Cromin, Austintown

With elections now over, let’s all put hatred to rest

Hopefully the hate, name-calling, accusations, false reporting, and violence that have consumed our country for over two years will be given a long, long, long overdue rest.

Anyone blessed to live in the greatest and beautiful country like ours and allow their disappointment and bruised egos – because their candidate failed to win – stain their character is shameful and sad.

Thanksgiving should be celebrated with a get-together with family and friends, thanking God for blessings we so often take for granted and respect, embrace and remember the freedom we continue to enjoy that we should safeguard.

To all our blessings, add tummies stuffed with delicious food, and after dinner snooze on the couch, and heaven must be near without dying.

To one and all, if you put on your happy face you’ll be giving yourself a great beauty treatment. America first always.

Mary Lou Jurina, Youngstown

Public criticism of fired UM coach unjust, wrong

This letter is direct- ed mainly to the many friends and family of Boardman native D. J. Durkin, former head football coach at the University of Maryland.

The public criticism of him is unjust and wrong. He has dedicated his entire life to coaching football and helping young men become better people.

The Durkin family is above being a good family and is well respected in our area.

After all the bad publicity, he will overtake it all and rise above it.

My sympathy goes out to the family of the deceased UM player. But the people who are condemning D.J. Durkin are 100 percent wrong.

Those who know him will tell you he is a great person.

George N. Economus, Poland

Valley needs treatment center for eating disorders

In today’s society, a stigma surrounds the way women are supposed to look, and that very pressure on women can lead to something life-threatening.

Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating; we have all heard of these terms but cannot grasp the seriousness of these diseases. People die from these mental illnesses because society has made women truly believe they are “fat” even if they are not.

So how do we treat it? Well around Youngstown, we do not have specialized treatment centers; the closest places are in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. They’re out of network with our health insurance policies and over an hour away from family and support systems.

It is hard on families around here to travel to a big city, and even harder to pay the medical bills for these out of network services. So, it’s plain and simple – we need a treatment center in our city to help the people who need it.

Kaelyn Snyder, Boardman