Health board: Take precautions for today’s heat

AUSTINTOWN — With temperatures creeping into the 90s this afternoon and high humidity, officials at the Mahoning County District Board of Health advise people to take extra precaution if going outside.

Erica Horner, director of nursing and community health for the board, advised the elderly, infants and those with chronic health problems to wear loose, light-colored clothing and to stay hydrated.

While there are currently no Red Cross cooling centers, those without air conditioning can visit the mall or public libraries to get respite from the heat, Horner said.

She also advised people to monitor signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion include heavy sweating, weakness, cold, pale or clammy skin and nausea or vomiting. Horner said to get someone exhibiting such symptoms to a cool place, put cool, wet cloths on them and have them sip water. People should seek medical help if vomiting occurs or symptoms worsen.

Heat stroke requires immediate medical attention. Symptoms include a temperature above 103, hot, red or dry skin and a rapid pulse. Horner advised calling 911 immediately.

She also advise people exercising or working outside to try to keep strenuous activity to the morning or evening. If it is necessary to work during the day, make sure to consume at least 16 to 32 ounces of water every hour.

“Continue to stay hydrated,” Horner said. “Don’t wait until you feel thirsty.”