Moving church to park should be reconsidered

Moving church to park should be reconsidered

As a planning and development professional of over 40 years and as a former chief planner for the city of Youngstown, I am writing to comment on a proposal to move the former Welsh Congregational Church to Wick Park. In the interest of full disclosure, I am married to a descendant of the Wicks and have a thorough understanding of the contributions that this pioneer family has made to the city of Youngstown as well as the Mahoning Valley.

I’d like to note that while in the employ of the city, I prepared the first inventory of historic and architectural structures in 1974. Throughout my career I led efforts to revitalize cities and neighborhoods, including Warren, Ohio; Nashua, N.H.; neighborhoods in Boston as well as other communities in the New England area.

While employed by the city of Youngstown I owned and lived in the Wick Log House on Illinois Avenue, and worked towards its restoration and preservation. I know and have lived the “urban pioneering” experience. Finally, to further my bona fides related to this issue, I managed the last improvement of Wick Park, in 1978, which included the popular running track as well as other sorely needed upgrades at that time.

My experience has taught me that a city’s health comprises not just saving a particular building, but preserving and enhancing a neighborhood. Only then can revitalization occur. This proposal to move the church to Wick Park would enhance neither the neighborhood nor the park. Additionally, its placement while attempting to raise the necessary funds for restoration may be detrimental to the enjoyment of the park.

Youngstown owns significant vacant land, including land adjacent to the park. The building could be placed nearby while planning and management is developed for it that would ultimately enrich the Wick Park neighborhood.

Finally, the deed given to the city by the Wick family specifically covenants that the park be used as a “Public Park.” Any use of the land for other than park purposes, the land shall revert to the heirs of the Wick family.

Dan DeSantis, Somersworth, N.H .

Is America slowly turning into a banana republic?

On July 13, indict- ments were handed down by the special council against 12 Russian military agents who interfered in our 2016 election. This was so precise that even their names and addresses were verified. On July 16, President Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki where Putin denied any interference by his people. Of course we all know who Trump sided with. To say the least, Russian officials were ecstatic with the meeting; one called it “beyond super.” If Trump is president much longer, we can change the symbol on our country from an eagle to a bear, start drinking vodka and get used to eating borsch.

The results of this meeting sent shockwaves around the world, especially to our allies – what few we have left. Mitch McConnell, Trey Goudy, and a few other GOP congressmen had no comment for the press at the time. Maybe they were too busy trying on Russian uniforms. In the days of the Cold War the GOP cry was “better dead than red.” They have now apparently changed that to “hell with America and every man for himself.”

At the meeting, Putin volunteered to help with the investigation. Why not just give Putin a room at the White House with his buddy Trump? Better yet, why doesn’t Trump just hand the keys to our nuclear codes to Putin and be done with it? Trump’s actions are nothing short of treason. He’s selling our country down the river to a two-bit thug who used to head the KGB, the most evil intelligence group since Hitler’s Gestapo. You can stop this traitorous action by going to the polls in November and voting Democrat, making Trump a lame duck. If you don’t Americans may soon know the real meaning of “banana republic.”

Robert W. McKay, Grove City, Pa.

Trump already has demonstrated treason

As far as I am con- cerned, Donald Trump already showed treason against America. When you stand before the world and say you believe Russia more than America’s intelligence agencies, that is treason against your own country, if you are the leader of that country.

Our government should be typing up procedures for Trump’s removal shortly after he made that comment. Our government would be dysfunctional to let him remain his full time in office, using that slander against our nation.

Prior to this meeting with Vladimir Putin, Trump met with our European allies and insulted the group. If he is playing by the strategy of divide and conquer he is doing a good job of it. He is dividing America’s government and people along with its allies. He is dismantling our government every day he remains in office.

You cannot take a billionaire with his track record of scandals and expect a president of high integrity; you cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. If you think he will put his empire on hold for four years, you are highly mistaken. He is making avenues for new wealth for himself while holding this office and harming Americans in the process. He is about showboating, money, power and how to increase it.

For any that doubt my statements, I say pull your head from the sand and pay more attention to reality, or face your coming perdition.

Paul Lawson, McDonald

Trump taking America in the wrong direction

Gas lighting is a form of psychological manipulation that seeks to plant seeds of self-doubt and alter your perception of reality. It’s based on need for power, control, and concealment. Our president seems to show signs of this kind of behavior. Too often he does not speak the truth. I hear his staunch followers spout words like: “He is making America Great Again”.

From my point of view, Mr. Trump is doing a great disservice to this country. Splitting families apart, trashing our allies, and the latest debacle in Helsinki make America weak. He has surrounded himself with cowards. “Birds of a feather, flock together.” I am concerned about our country. Another saying that belongs here is, ‘‘United we stand, divided we fall.” I beg our leaders to unite, lead and stop following someone who is going in the wrong direction.

Carol Friedman, Columbiana

Trump blimp great satire

Not since the defensive measures of the Battle of Britain has a balloon, a novel baby balloon at that, done so much to deter a blathering demagogue from London.

God bless the British people’s sense of political satire. Spot on!

Jim Cartwright, Canfield

Study mental illness as tool to cut gun violence

With the insane frequency of school shootings in our country, I believe an upgraded study in mental illness is needed.

I was raised that a person’s brain is his or her greatest weapon because it makes a person’s decisions.

Those with a criminal mind do not need a gun to kill. It’s been proven people have been killed by countless other ways.

Everyone should be taught awareness. When words or actions of others don’t seem right they shouldn’t be poo- pooed away, but should be reported.

Anyone found trespassing on school property, or trying to gain admittance to a school without authorization should be taken in for questioning.

Ours is not a perfect world, and sadly there will still be crimes.

But with eyes and ears open and others willing to get involved the loss of precious and innocent lives will lessen.

Mary Lou Jurina, Youngstown