Reader questions writer’s lashing out at Democrats

Reader questions writer’s lashing out at Democrats

After reading the July 8 letter by Robert DeFelice, I can only gather that he chooses to receive most of his news from Fox News and maybe some right-wing internet sources, since most everything he talks about bears the earmarks of such “news” outlets. I first suggest that he broaden his news-collecting a bit because he’s embarrassing himself when he quotes them.

He decries that there is “vulgarity and downright hatred shown by Democratic leaders.” He must have been out of the room when Donald Trump was shown using the “F” word in numerous occasions or called some countries “sh--hole countries.” Or how about calling NFL players S.O.Bs? Or talking about molesting women or barging into the dressing room of undressed young beauty contestants? Or during the campaign advocating violence be brought upon protesters?

The writer also must have forgotten how the Republican Congress swore to obstruct President Barack Obama at every turn, which I would construe as a deep dislike and maybe hatred of Obama, not to mention how their many racist constituents depicted Obama as hanged like an old-time Southern runaway slave. I’ll skip mentioning all the childish nicknames Trump gave to his Republican challengers. Were Mr. De- Felice’s younger family members shooed out of the room when such nasty things spewed from Trump’s mouth? Plus, the hatred he shows in his petulant tweets towards anyone who disagrees with him, including the press and even leaders of friendly countries.

Also, sir: Illegal immigrants cannot vote. The right-wing talking heads want gullible people who don’t have the sense to fact-check such claims to believe such falsehoods that millions of illegals have voted, a charge that even the Republican-majority National Association of Secretaries of State has said is absolutely wrong. By the way, Vice President Mike Pence’s voter fraud investigation was disbanded by Trump in January. It was through it that Pence was supposed to prove the lies that were proffered by Trump about voter fraud by illegals.

God save us from Trump.

David M. Szakacs, Warren,

Critics of forest board need a lesson in civics

I would like to use this forum as an opportunity to respond to recent allegations levied at the Poland Municipal Forest Board, to quell the hysteria which has risen in response to misinformation and rumor.

If this were a column, I would have titled it “Debunking the misinformed.” Phillip Pillin wrote a letter that The Vindicator published July 4. As Poland Village Council’s liaison to, and a member of, the forest board, it is time that Mr. Pillin and other members of the “loyal opposition” be given a lesson in civics.

First off, during 2017 I attended every village council meeting as a citizen. I witnessed endless public input encouraged on a variety of topics, forest concerns included, Past Vindicator headlines from that year read “Poland Council Plans to further discuss Forest management plan” (02/07/17). “Some community members question plans for Poland Municipal Forest” (01/28/17). At every Council meeting I attended there was never a shortage of input from members of the “loyal opposition”. I am told that the forest board meetings were even livelier.

Mr. Pillin and the “loyal opposition” call me and colleagues on the board “condescending and disrespectful.” That is because they simply do not want to believe in anything this board is trying to do. If we said that day is light, and night is dark, they would disagree. They have also mounted a spirited (but full of “fake news”) social media campaign against us, where we have been accused of “profiting” from a surgical timber cut which was made in the forest. No one on the board “profited”. This is just one of the many examples of misinformation that I and the others on the current board have dealt with.

Mr. Pillin and the “loyal opposition” claim we don’t allow for any public comments during the meetings. Chairwoman Zedaker and Mayor Sicafuse go far and above what I would allow when it comes to public comments.

Lastly, on the issue of the website, which was legislation I sponsored, Mr. Pillin and his “loyal opposition” are adamant that tax dollars went to the creation of the forest website (which is needed). He and they are dead wrong. Not one tax penny went to the creation of the website. The money that council approved was generously donated to the village by a private benefactor for the sole purpose of creating a first-class website.

Samuel M. Moffie, Poland

Swim program hailed

Thanks to the Youngstown Parks Department and the Central YMCA Branch for offering swim and safety lessons at North Side Pool.

My three oldest children (in their late 50s now), all learned how to swim with the Red Cross classes at North Side Pool.

I am 79 years old and my fondest memories of summer were swimming five days a week at North Side Pool where I also met my future husband.

City children need to have access to swimming places in the summer.

That privilege should not be denied them.

Adeline Suhovecky, Austintown

What’s with lockdown?

Now let me get this straight. Boardman just passed a 10-year school levy and a five-year township levy, but now the taxpaying residents of Boardman Township will have the school facilities and grounds locked?

Public property will be inaccessible to community residents who might want to use school grounds or the paved area in the evening or weekends. It sure cannot be for lack of funds.

John Miller, Boardman

Trump spews hatred

I have to answer the letter writer who is blaming the Democrats for spewing vulgarities and hate. Republican President Donald Trump is the one doing that. and if anyone doesn’t believe it, then look at all of his rallies.

I just can’t believe the USA for being so mean to people coming here for a better life. I think we would all go to another country to save our family. All this is for the green stuff we love more than people.

I don’t think helping people in need is a hardship to many. They still buy huge houses, fly where they want to go, buy what they want. Come on people, let’s have a heart for children and people.

The Republican Party is selling its soul for money. The man in the White House is laughing at his base right along Russian President Vladimir Putin because he has his party in his back pocket. The Democrats better get out and vote in November so Americans can be proud of our USA again.

Rose Bonamase, Struthers

Great pick for high court

President Donald J. Trump has chosen a man for the U.S. Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, who will interpret the U.S. Constitution as written by Christian and God-fearing men, which rightfully and hopefully will put an end to this vicious abomination called abortion.

Shame, shame on anyone who promotes this slaughter of innocents. This deceitful so-called law, under the premise of the right to privacy, took precedence over our right to life. The only way anyone receives the right to life is from our Creator, which begins in the womb, and without it, no other right could have any meaning whatsoever.

We have a higher law given us by our Creator – “Thou shall not kill” – the consequences of which we see everyday in our country by not following this law and others, resulting in so many disasters and horrible things. God will not be mocked.

I hope these justices, for their sake, and everyone else’s, will overturn this abortion atrocity. Our God is just and holy, and most definitely will have the last word.

“Woe to him who says wrong is right.”

Margaret Marsh, Liberty