Vindicator hits the mark with editorial on shooting

Vindicator hits the mark with editorial on shooting

I just finished reading The Vindicator editorial of June 30 – “Pen mightier than shotgun in Capital attack aftermath” – and all I can say is “bravo, bravo” for every word. I think this column should get a prize. Thanks for taking a firm stand in these horrific times. I think you should share it with The Capital Gazette.

All the comments voiced in this article were especially meaningful and reassuring to me and, I am sure, to others like me, who are increasingly distressed and horrified by everything that is going on around us, including mentally ill people who are not being handled and treated appropriately, easy access to all kinds of weapons, and the actions and inactions of – in my opinion – a totally rotten administration. It is so sad that all of this should have to be written, but I am grateful that I will be able to continue to rely on delivery of the actual true news and that you will not be silenced in these frightening times – and neither will I.

Bette I. Stadlen, Boardman

Ohio Republicans stand up for payday-loan customers

The editorial pub- lished June 28 (“Senate Republicans cave in to payday-lending industry”) fails to address the consequences of enacting House Bill 123 without significant changes by the Ohio Senate. With their attempts to make changes to the bill, Senate Republicans are not caving to our industry but instead standing up for our customers and employees.

I want to make clear that without changes, HB 123 would absolutely cause the closure of my six Northeast Ohio stores – including stores in Akron and Boardman – as well as most, if not all, of the other stores across the state.

And even if all Ohio stores close, the demand and need for short-term loans will still exist. Most Ohioans would likely turn to the largely unregulated loans offered by internet lenders, who offer less consumer protections and more opportunity for identify theft. Some leading Senate Republicans recognize that creating this sort of environment would be a disservice to their constituents, which is driving their desire to make needed changes to HB 123.

Self-described consumer advocates from Washington describe our industry as a major problem. But our customers don’t agree because they are smart enough to see through what is mainly an effort to shut down our industry.

Many of my customers have college degrees or have gone to college. Some are lawyers, college faculty and administrators, hospital workers and government employees. They understand the loan products and the costs and are willing to pay for a service they need to cover surprise expenses such as repairing a car, furnace or leaky roof. Without these loans, hundreds of thousands of Ohioans would be forced with the choice of repairing their car or keeping their lights on.

I urge Ohio lawmakers to please do not go forward with a bill just to get it done. It is important to get it right.

Daniel McCabe, Boardman

Daniel McCabe is owner of Advance Pay USA.

Dem leaders must stop spewing vulgarities, hate

Conservative Ameri- cans, be they Republican or Democrat, should be disgusted with the display of vulgarity and downright hatred shown by Democratic leaders on national TV, such as Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, and several others. How about their foul- mouthed celebrity supporters? Ask yourselves, are these the kind of people we want as role models for our children and grandchildren?

Can you imagine the chaos in the future of our country without ICE. Are the proponents for their abolishment nuts? Can you even imagine open borders, where millions of people from all over the globe would pour into out country; criminals and gangs by the thousands, terrorizing our citizens. Millions availing themselves of a welfare system already in dire straits. The average American is already struggling to make ends meet.

If you want to be an American citizen, do it legally, like our ancestors did, not by breaking our laws and coming here illegally. No one wants to see children separated from their parents, but children should not be used as pawns and subjected to the terror of traveling hundreds of miles though God knows what conditions to knowingly arrive at our borders expecting to cross illegally.

The real criminals are those politicians who fill the heads of the illegals with hopes of entering our country without the proper paperwork. The agenda of these politicians, like Waters, Warren, Pelosi, and the like, is to have these illegals gain entry, provide them with documents that will allow them to cast votes for them in our election process.

If these politicians are so concerned for these misguided people, then let them open their coffers of millions of dollars to support them. Provide them with food, shelter on their gated community properties. Open their homes to them. Sublet their hundreds of acres of property to build tent cities. Supply them with doctors and medical services from the millions they’ve made from the lobby interests. Have them put their money where their mouth is, then see how quickly these protesters slink away. Socialism has never worked when it enslaves people to the public dole.

God bless America.

Robert DeFelice, Sr., Poland