Small businesses benefit, too, from new GOP tax overhaul

Small businesses benefit, too, from new GOP tax overhaul

Everyone has been hearing about the bonuses and the new investments made by corporations because of the Trump tax cuts.

Companies like Apple and Walmart are spending large amounts of money on their employees. What you have not heard is that small businesses like mine are doing the same.

I employ 20 workers and was able to give them all Christmas bonuses this year. Knowing that the government will be taking less from me, combined with the growing economy, was the reason for that decision.

I’ll also be able to upgrade some tooling and purchase new work vehicles this year. According to my tool suppliers, many in my industry are doing the same. This is a great thing for our area and for our country.

The other big bonus for my workers is the elimination of the Obamacare mandate penalty. Most of my workers and myself have been paying this for the last several years. This meant no tax returns for many of my employees. That is money they would have spent almost immediately after getting it, as many business people know.

February and March are two of our best months because of tax returns. This money will now go straight into our local economy instead of back to Washington, D.C., never to be seen again.

I will remember this when I go to vote in November. Congressman Bill Johnson will be getting my support for his role in making this happen. Finally our representatives are making real progress.

Eric Kennedy, Youngstown

Corporate greed unduly influences our thinking

Our country is grappling with unprecedented worry and anxiety regarding truth or lies we receive from all media sources. This worry often provokes fear, anger and uncertainty.

The most credible news sources are ones who are free of corporate sponsorship. The reporters and journalists representing these media organizations have free rein to uncover facts and truths not influenced by corporate money.

Our fundamental thinking has been so distorted by corporate money and influence that we, for one example, think it is helpful to take powerful opiate drugs to rid “pain” as influenced by pharmaceutical giant corporations.

Another example tells us that we should buy thousands of dollars of fireworks to celebrate holidays while the corporations laugh all the way to the bank as our hard earned money goes up in smoke.

When we begin to learn that the corporate state controls resources and uses these resources to our disadvantage, then perhaps we shall begin to form a more perfect union of the people, by the people and for the people.

Kathleen Berry, Youngstown

Do not forget to visit loved ones confined to nursing homes

Our mother was in Heritage Manor nursing home for almost 22 months. She passed away Dec. 14.

When people hear nursing home, they think of old people living there until they pass. These facilities also have short staying periods for those who just need physical therapy.

What you don’t hear about is the people working there. Some of the residents need constant care.

When one is admitted into a nursing facilities, you learn that the aides and nurses have more than just one to take care of, sometimes eight or more residents for each aide.

If you have a concern, they are always willing to listen. Whether it’s someone from the staff, nurses, aides, house keeping or kitchen.

What is very sad is that some residents of nursing homes never have visitors.

For those who have loved ones in nursing a facility, visit them, even if it’s once a week.

You will make them happy and yourself. They were there for you; be there for them.

Walter Shoenberger, Youngstown