Library offers Maker Space events

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Neighbors | Jessica Harker .Examples of projects done by librarians using Maker Space resources are displayed around the Michael Kusalaba library.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker .Librarian Hannah Matulek taught community members how to use software designed to create vinyl stickers at the Michael Kusalaba library's Maker Space.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker .Wood burning is one example of machinery available for the public to use at the Michael Kusalaba library.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker .Hannah Matulek, a librarian at the Michael Kusalaba library, loaded the vinyl printer during the libraries Simple Sticker event Nov. 30.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker .Librarian Hannah Matulek loaded paper into the vinyl printer at the Michael Kusalaba library on Nov. 30 for the simple sticker event.


The new Michael Kusalaba library hosted a Simple Sticker making event utilizing their Maker Space on Nov. 30.

Librarian Hannah Matulek ran the event, utilizing the library’s vinyl printer.

“Basically the Maker Space is just a DIY kind of area,” Matulek said. “Everyone that comes to one of the classes with the Maker Space has to take the orientation.”

The orientation class is offered by the library once a week.

To participate community members must have a library card in good standing and a valid identification card.

Anyone older than 18 is permitted to attend, as well as 12-year-olds and up provided they are with a parent of guardian.

Matulek said that the class consists of a quick presentation about the equipment available through the Maker Space followed by a tour of the area.

“We show the easier ones in the presentation but the harder ones are more like you come in and you learn it yourself,” Matulek said.

After community members take the orientation class they are able to come into the library to use the machines at any time, as well as participate in other classes.

Machines available include a cricket for cutting up felt and other scrap booking materials, a light box to take professional photos, a button maker, a laser engraver and even a 3D printer.

“Everything is free to use the only time that you pay for something is if you buy materials from us, except for the 3D printer - that is $1 per hour,” Matulek said.

Materials available at the library include two different sized buttons available for 25 cents, flash drives available for $5 and a variety of other supplies.

All Maker Space programs are listed on the library’s website at