Attack on Pearl Harbor remains day of infamy

Attack on Pearl Harbor remains day of infamy

December 7, 1941 – the attack on Pearl Harbor – is a day that has remained in infamy. Very few service members who personally remember that day are still among us. The American Legion Auxiliary encourages everyone to do what they can to keep Pearl Harbor a part of our national consciousness.

Many brave service members were asleep or about their morning routines at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, when Japanese bombers delivered a blow that would decide America’s involvement in World War II. More than 2,400 service members died during the early morning attack 77 years ago Friday.

My late father-in-law, Joe Shesko, joined the Navy and fought in the South Pacific on a destroyer during the war in the years to follow. My mother, Eva Dudurich-Hazelton, was a part of the war effort at home. She, like many other young women, went to work for the war effort. In her case, she became a welder, making parts for ships and airplanes to help keep our troops out of harm’s way. Nearly every American man and woman from almost every family across the country became a part of the fight, in some way, because of that fateful day.

I invite you, along with the members of the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 737, to take a moment and remember the men and women who lost their lives that day 77 years ago.

Karen Shesko, Lake Milton

Karen Shesko is public relations director for the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 737 in Lake Milton.

Bush inspired judge to life of public service

I would like to remem- ber and thank President George H. W. Bush.

Late one evening, when I was asked by the then-Geauga County Republican chairman to run for office, I thought, who would ever want to be in politics? But, I told them I would think about it. Later that week, I received an invitation from the White House to have dinner with President George and Mrs. Barbara Bush. I was so honored that I accepted this amazing invitation. There were 25 of us at the dinner. We also had the extraordinary freedom to explore the entirety of the White House, except for their personal quarters.

After dinner, during coffee, President Bush came to me and gently put his hand on my back. I stood up and he said, “Wouldn’t you want to do something for your country? You have four degrees, you seem to care about people, and this is the year of the woman. Wouldn’t you like to run for office?”

He was so very kind and thoughtful during our discussion that I soon said “yes.” When I got off the plane from my return trip home, I told my husband, Tim, (even though I knew nothing of politics) that I would be running for state representative. The rest is history.

I loved serving the people as a state representative and, for the last 18 years as an appellate judge. It has been a wonderful experience.

I thank President George H.W. Bush for his foresight and kind encouragement. President George H.W. Bush was a charismatic and gentle man.

Diane V. Grendell, Warren

Diane V. Grendell serves as a judge on the Warren-based 11th District Court of Appeals.

Lesson for Johnson: Calif. and Ohio ecosystems differ

As a California native, I could see why Columbiana County Republican Party Chairman Dave Johnson can’t understand the Golden State (“GOP leader’s apology is hollow,” Vindicator, Nov. 25). Ohio is a totally different type of ecosystem with a completely opposite climate.

The man may see it as his job not to care about “blue states,” although he would be wrong. The Republicans lost so badly in California because they took such an attitude: After the first 2017 fires, only one Republican joined all the Democrats of the California delegation in asking for federal disaster money, which President Donald Trump did not give until the next set of fires.

Logging is a major cause of fire in the West, as many studies showed back when Northern California forests were being most heavily slaughtered. The same thing happened in the Midwest at an earlier era, at Peshtigo, Cloquet, Hinkley, and other areas.

Finally, Mr. Johnson does not seem to understand theology. Many conservatives do not. They try to serve two masters, but they exalt wealth and power, and fall on their faces as to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Scott F. Kane, Girard

Valley suffers shortage of interpreters for deaf

People with hearing loss struggle to obtain help on information given orally without the presence of an interpreter in hearing-sponsored events or appointments, and at medical clinics or business companies.

Recently, several deaf residents made calls to government-subsidized agencies and medical offices to have them contact a local deaf community center under the umbrella of a major agency to make interpreter arrangements for their appointment, only to find an interpreter no-show at the beginning of their appointment. Were the calls made ahead of schedule or not? No one knows the answer to this.

People who have a hearing loss have a right to know what is happening in our community as hearing people do, and they have a right to voice their concerns on community issues. Their rights are covered under Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Without the presence of an American Sign Language interpreter, deaf people are left in the dark.

Our community is experiencing a serious shortage of interpreters, but I believe there may be other local sign-language interpreters who may not be willing to make a commitment whatever their reasons are. Deaf people have an option to contact another out-of-town agency to make interpreting requests for their community appointments.

Irene Tunanidas, Poland

Expect more harm from Trump, Supreme Court

A recent poll found 48 percent of Republicans agree with President Donald Trump that the media are “the enemy of the people” and 45 percent think Trump “should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior.” Looks like Trump is slowly but surely working his way to the dictatorship that he has wanted from day one.

The harm that Trump has already imposed on the American people will not go away easily. He has stirred up hatred against blacks, Latinos and members of the press. Trump is so incompetent that even he concedes that having a Republican majority in the House and Senate doesn’t guarantee him the total control he would love to have.

The harm that the president and others, along with the conservative dominated Supreme Court, are doing has been exposed in two decisions by the Republican- and corporate-owned Supreme Court. The court ruled in favor of employer mandatory arbitration for an employee to resolve work related lawsuits. This ruling will not allow employees to join together in a class action suit.

The other ruling really sticks it to unions. The court ruled that employers do not have to pay union dues because it violates their free speech rights. Corporations are on their way to destroying unions and some union members are helping them along.

Now that Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed as the fifth anti-union, anti-American Republican to sit on the bench, look for more decisions against unions, women and minorities.

Bud McKelvey, Hermitage, Pa.