Online school loses its argument in court

Associated Press


One of the nation’s largest online charter schools has lost another round in its multifaceted legal fight over how Ohio officials tallied student log-ins to determine the school should repay $60 million in funding.

State officials contend that the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow didn’t provide documentation of student participation to justify that portion of its funding.

But ECOT alleges that the Department of Education illegally changed criteria to adjust funding for the 2015-16 school year.

A state appeals court in Columbus rejected that argument Thursday.

A Department of Education spokeswoman has said it’s committed to ensuring “correct funding” for community schools.

An ECOT spokesman says the e-school hopes to get a fair hearing from the Ohio Supreme Court. ECOT has related challenges pending there and in Franklin County court.

ECOT is the state’s largest online charter school. It has been the target of many criticisms over the years over its operations.