Poland council plans to further discuss forest management plan


Village council on Tuesday decided not to approve the Municipal Forest Board’s forest management plan just yet.

Council was presented with the plan after the forest board of trustees unanimously approved its adoption on Jan. 24.

The management plan — authored by forest consultant Rick Miller — was commissioned by the forest board to plan the management of, and to continue preserving, the Poland Municipal Forest for future generations.

A village resident, Lauren Schroeder, expressed his concern with the plan, explaining that the forest board of trustees did not carry out due diligence to review the plan in greater detail.

“It’s a very complex plan that will significantly alter the forest and should have been considered more carefully,” he said.

The plan suggests actions such as developing strategies to regenerate native species, controlling flash flood waters entering from outside the area, and minimizing the growth of invasive species. The plan also suggests a harvest plan regarding dead or dying ash trees and other compromised or past mature trees.

Council announced it would discuss the management plan in a special meeting combined with the forest board’s next meeting at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 28. Councilman Bill Dunnavant reminded the rest of council to not only review the document, but the village ordinance that established the Poland Municipal Forest board and the deeds to the lands that make up the forest.

If the Feb. 28 meeting allows for a more in-depth discussion and a closer review of the plan, Schroeder said he would be satisfied with any decision that council approves.