Couple wins award for transformation of their Youngstown home

YOUNGSTOWN — A beautifully landscaped Arden Boulevard home sits on a quiet little hill in Youngstown soaking in Mill Creek Park like a sponge.

“Mill Creek Park is just the crown jewel of the city of Youngstown,” said homeowner Christopher Kalis.

Kalis and Janet Misel bought this now award winning home in 2012 when it was in foreclosure and exterior disarray.

“We just had this shared vision of what we wanted it to look like and we got right to it after we bought the house,” Misel said.

Together the couple took care in building flower beds, nursing plants and beautifying the overall exterior – and interior – of what was once a drab sight.

Misel said she feels a lot of pride in the fact that most of the projects done both indoors and outdoors were done with her fiance, Christopher.

“We both love flowers and gardening, and it was kind of about what we could do for the park, to our home,” Kalis said.

It was Oct. 15 when Misel and Kalis received a letter from Youngstown CityScape notifying them they had won the Youngstown CityScape 10th Annual Beautification Award for their home.

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