One ‘deplorable’ voter calls out Clinton on many fronts

One ‘deplorable’ voter calls out Clinton on many fronts

I am one of those “deplorable” American voters, according to Hillary Clinton and also a Catholic that Clinton aides had mocked.

Exactly what is Clinton’s stand on issues that are important to the American people?

Economy: Is she able to create good paying jobs?

Illegal immigration: She wants to open borders. We taxpayers will shoulder not only the financial burden but also the drugs and unlawful acts of some we know nothing about.

Taxes: She wants to raise over $2 trillion in new taxes. You can be assured we the middle-class will be faced with new taxes.

Law and Order: She and President Obama rush to judgment on the opposite side of those brave men and woman who wear the blue uniform.

Increase Refugees: Clinton wants to dramatically increase the number of people who we know nothing about. Do they really want to assimilate in the American culture or establish their own?

Health Care: Fix Obamacare, which has been a costly disaster for the American people.

Education: Bad idea of Common Core.

Foreign policy: Clinton lied to the families of the brave Americans who were killed by terrorists in Benghazi and about the cause of the attack.

The American people will have to determine the direction they want this country to pursue.

Do they want Marxism, socialism, more government control and continued corruption?

Or do they want a government that will put “we the people” first, reverse our path and make America great again!

Dick Lalumia, Poland

Millennial saves day amid the clutter of Trump signs

I read last sunday’s column by Bertram de Souza and couldn’t be more tickled. Brilliant! He hit the nail on the head aligning Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric, values, political inexperience, hate and bigotry with the infamous George Wallace.

Several days ago a 24-year-old woman rang my doorbell and introduced herself as a neighbor who lives around the corner. She baked these cookies because she saw that my neighbors on either side of me had flooded their yards with Trump signs. At one point, it looked as if these signs were on my property; they were that close.

Well, I had two signs professionally made that said “ANYONE BUT TRUMP”. The neighbors on the corner retaliated by placing more Trump signs, three “Vote no for the Community Bill of Rights,” and one home-made sign that reads “ANYONE BUT KILLARY”.

Well, lo and behold, a couple days later one sign was gone. Then alas, my last little sign was taken yesterday by some thief in the night, a coward at best, a dangerous hateful person at worst. My neighbors’ signs all intact.

I am not accusing anyone. However, I must question if this is a reflection of the kind of person supporting candidate Trump then we are in serious trouble.

Back to the young lady at the door who had the wisdom to recognize bullying tactics and said she wanted to offer me a measure of neighborly kindness.

So, Bertram’s last sentence that reads Trump is getting his support from “white male, blue - collar workers who are unhappy with the way the country is changing” may be true of this area, but there is hope in the millennials who will propel our nation to a more perfect union.

Kathleen Berry, Youngstown

Memories of Indians’ 1948 World Series title firmly marked for Warren man

I am a gentleman in his 70s, and I want to take a step back in time. The place is my fifth-grade classroom in a small town in mid-eastern Ohio. It was probably late October. I had befriended a classmate who had arrived from Illinois over the summer. He came to school this one day, really excited about an offer he had seen in his Boy’s Life magazine. You could buy a pen and pencil set that was shaped like baseball bats. On the miniature bats was an imprint of your favorite baseball team and their logo. He was a Cubs baseball fan and really wanted the pen and pencil set with the Cubs name on it. The cost was $5 for the set, but if you bought two sets, you could buy them for $8. If he could get someone to buy the second set, the cost to each person would be only $4.

You have to understand that at that time, $4 or $5 was a lot of money for a fifth-grader.

He must have been a good salesman because I gave him my $4, and he put the order together and sent it in. In about two weeks, he came to school with our prized package. Each of us had a set, and we eagerly opened them. He got his opened first. It was a set of beautiful wooden bats with the Chicago Cubs clearly marked on them. He was so proud of that pen and pencil set.

Next, I opened mine and sure enough, there was my pair of wooden bats with the Cleveland Indians marked on them. They looked terrific. But my set had an additional marking on them. In addition to the team name was a unique medallion that said “World Champions.” You see, the year I started the fifth grade was 1948.

Donald Baker, Warren

Don’t let GOP in Congress continue as obstructionists

Great article on the front page of the Oct. 23 edition of The Vindicator on the pros and cons of local union members and their preference for president.

Some say they want the Republican Donald Trump because they want change. People voted eight years ago for change, which resulted in a Republican majority in the House and Senate. That change gave us obstruction of passing a jobs bill, background checks on guns, extending unemployment benefits, raising the minimum wage, immigration reform, etc. The only “yes” vote they didn’t obstruct was shutting down the government costing taxpayers $25 billion.

Donald Trump’s motto is: “Make America Great Again”. Does that mean he’ll discontinue making his products overseas in 12 foreign countries? I doubt it. After watching the last debate, it wasn’t surprising to hear his new casino in Vegas used steel from China, a country he despises for “ripping us off.”

Nov. 8 can’t come soon enough; that’s one thing I’m sure we can all agree on. Apparently, what’s disagreeable in this election is to be careful what we wish for!

As an 18-year retired union member of IUE Local 717 (electrical worker) I’m “thankful” to the president, union and Democrats who saved the auto industry. I applaud the union for negotiating a 30-year and out retirement. I’m “thankful” for “Democrats” establishing the benefits of Social Security and Medicare (something Republicans would probably like to privatize or abolish).

So as long as the GOP (Grand Obstruction Party) controls the House and Senate, buckle up. They will continue to take us on this ride down this road of gridlock and obstruction no matter who is president.

Carol “Shortie” Mikita, Hubbard

Trump, Hitler strikingly similar – both big mouths

I can’t help but com- pare the similarity of the Donald Trump followers and those of Adolf Hitler. Both had big mouths, and everything they said was believed to be true.

Do you die-hard Republicans listen to everything that comes out of his mouth? I believe you would vote for the devil as long as he is a Republican. Oops, you are.

Is he going to bring his merchandise back to this country so our workers can make them? I think not.

He believes in a dictatorship so be prepared to live under one. Just look at his support of Russia and China.

With his temperament, be prepared to being in another war if some country upsets him. Your sons and grandsons will be fighting it.

I would like to know how he plans to get everything done since he’s made a lot of enemies in Congress. He will need them; if they don’t go along with him, is he going to say “you’re fired”?

Edward Cronin, Boardman