Emu found wandering along Phoenix interstate


State troopers say an emu crossed a Phoenix road, got to the other side and narrowly avoided getting hurt.

Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman Quentin Mehr says the agency received reports Friday around 10 a.m. that an emu was on the loose on Interstate 10.

According to Mehr, a responding trooper found the bird in the median.The emu then crossed the interstate and ended up on the dirt shoulder.

Mehr says a second trooper showed up and both officers drove alongside the animal to keep it from entering traffic lanes.

An officer from the Arizona Department of Agriculture arrived and used a lasso to wrangle the emu into a trailer.

Authorities say it is still unclear how the emu came into the area.

Police: Man thanks trooper in letter after ticket


New Jersey State Police say the general manager of a company that operates radio stations complimented a trooper in a letter after he was ticketed for speeding.

The agency wrote on its Facebook page recently that Dave Coskey praised the trooper’s attitude after he was pulled over on the Garden State Parkway.

Coskey says Trooper 7515 could’ve given him the ticket and walked away, but instead explained that they’re trying to save lives, not just hand out tickets.

Coskey says the trooper told him they want people to slow down because there have been some deadly accidents on that section of the parkway.

The former head of marketing for the Borgata casino and the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers says the trooper then escorted him off the shoulder and back onto the roadway.

Eli Manning denies yelling ‘Trump’ to signal audible


Eli Manning says he wasn’t using Donald Trump’s name in order to signal an audible during the New York Giants’ victory over the Los Angeles Rams in London on Sunday.

The Giants quarterback was caught by microphones yelling out something that sounded a lot like “Trump” ahead of a snap in second quarter of the 17-10 win. The play was a run up the middle that gained a yard.

Some on Twitter speculated that the call was a signal for blockers to form a wall for the ball carrier in reference to the Republican presidential nominee’s plan to build a wall along the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

Manning denied saying Trump’s name after the game, telling reporters that they have a call that’s “very similar.”

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