Marriage licenses

Michael G. Lendvay, 33, of 202 Argali Place, Cortland, and Jennifer L. Romeo, 33, of same.

Andrew T. Peyatt, 22, of 2219 Stewart Drive, Warren, and Jordyn N. White, 23, of 2477 Wilshire Road, Cortland.

Michael S. Kolenich, 36, of 653 Shady Lane, Warren, and Terri A. MacSkimming, 38, of same.

Felix J. Negron, 34, of 294 Colonial Drive #1, Liberty, and Amber N. Love, 31, of same.

Joseph R. Ball, 55, of 312 Arlington Blvd., Newton Falls, and Kimberly L. Shaulis, 56, of same.

Stephen E. Romesburg, 60, of 1179 Edgewood St. NE, Warren, and Robin E. McElwee, 52, of same.

Eric D. Eureka, 22, of 142 W. Church St., Newton Falls, and Haley N. Gerdes, 22, of same.

Anderson J. McGee Jr., 30, of 218 Williams St., Niles, and Melissa A. Gibson, 33, of same.

Marc E. Meszaros, 46, of 146 Hermitage Hills Blvd., Girard, and Heather L. Orwig, 40, of 1796 Pleasant Valley Road, Girard.

David L. Watson, 32, of 177 Gertrude St. NW, Warren, and Kayla R. Andrews, 28, of same.

Joshua D. Hollister, 26, of 508 Park Ave., Apt. 58, Girard, and Leandra N. Bell, 25, of same.

Daniel H. Greathouse III, 27, of 715 Indiana Ave., McDonald, and Marlana L. Hartman, 26, of 804 Valley View Drive, Brookfield.

Mark O. Smith II, 29, of 4345 state Route 82, Newton Falls, and Alyssa J. Franklin, 27, of same.

Shawn E. King, Jr., 24, of 14 Packard Ave., Greenville, and Sarah J. Jefferson, 25, of same.

Austin K. Young, 20, of 2241 Central Parkway SE, Warren, and Kimberlee M. Gensburg, 26, of same.

Daniel R. Belden II, 31, of 730 Ohio Ave., McDonald, and Shannon D. Wellington, 26, of 957 E. Philadelphia Ave., Youngstown.

William H. Alderman, 56, of 261 Park Road, Leavittsburg, and Stephanie M. Rush, 58, of same.

New complaints

Federal National Mortgage Association v. Glenn L. Sniderman et al, foreclosure.

Huntington National Bank v. James A. Kiracofe et al, foreclosure.

ZFC Legal Title Trust I v. Timothy M. Ady Sr. et al, foreclosure.

Sam Lamancus v. Sandra A. Crocker et al, foreclosure.

Farm Credit Mid America FLCA V. Ronald Hanish et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Financial Ohio 1 Inc. v. Unknown Heirs et al, foreclosure.

HSBC Bank USA NA v. Mary Catherine McMahan et al, foreclosure.

US Bank NA v. Dale L. Gregory et al, foreclosure.

Federal National Mortgage Association v. Richard Lavalliere et al, foreclosure.

Woodland Trails II Condo Unit Owners Association Inc. v. Paula R. Lavalliere et al, foreclosure.

Woodland Trails II Condo Unit Owners Association Inc. v. Andrew Kim et al, foreclosure.

US Bank NA v. Unknown Heirs et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Jeffrey Rowlands et al, foreclosure.

Bank of New York Mellon v. James W. Kelly et al, foreclosure.

Federal National Mortgage Association v. Kimberly Fletcher Possible Heir et al, foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Chad L. Crown et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Matthew P. Nichols et al, foreclosure.

Ditech Financial LLC v. Bryan W. Gasser et al, foreclosure.

Beneficial Financial I Inc. v. Donna Malcomson et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. April L. Watson et al, foreclosure.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Kristie E. Grewell et al, foreclosure.

Nathan Burton v. Melissa Carone et al, other civil.

Steve Sicilian et al v. Hercules LED LLC et al, other civil.

Deborah Scarberry v. Ohio Civil Rights Commission et al, other civil.

Auto Owners Mutual Insurance Co. v. Richard M. Hunter, other civil.

Board of Township Trustees Weathersfield Township et al v. GTBL Development Corp., other civil.

Worlds Foremost Bank v. Simeon Howard, other civil.

Dorothy Lackner v. OPRS Communities et al, other civil.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Katie M. Wells, other civil.

Kevin D. Myers v. Trumbull County Clerk of Courts, other civil.

Melissa A. Jones et al v. Carson T. Clement et al, other torts.

Jessica R. Dobay v. James F. Chester et al, other torts.

Jesse Chapline v. Kenneth Oliver et al, other torts.

Shirleyann Kelly v. Dinesol Plastics Inc. et al, workers’ compensation.

Michael Curl v. Aim Leasing Co. et al, workers’ compensation.

Cavalry SPV I LLC v. Pamela J. Phipps, money.

Unifund CCR LLC v. Terri A. Branch, money.

Legal separations Asked

Daniel E. Schrock v. Ruthie S. Schrock.

Dissolutions Asked

John L. McDonald and Kathleen M. McDonald.

Kevin Squibbs and Andrea Squibbs.

Christopher Bohazi and Rebekah Bohazi.

Julianne Piatt and Kenneth Piatt.

Joel H. Foster and Tammy L. Foster.

Jessie Rudesill and Christopher J. Rudesill.

Melissa D. Zdanczewski and James Zdanczewski.

Edward J. Semeraro and Deborah Jo Semeraro.

Tammy Tomasiak and Robert Tomasiak.SFlb

Divorces Asked

Amy Roach v. Dennis Roach.

Brittany Dickey v. Jacob Dickey.

Paulina Knox v. David Knox.

Anthony W. Kephart v. Cara L. Kephart.

Michael S. Poullas v. Regina M. Poullas.

Larry R. Hoffman v. Carol Sue Hoffman.

Billy Joe Culver v. Barbara Ann Culver.