IUE-CWA: Only eight layoffs hitting local Delphi plants

By Kalea Hall



The IUE-CWA Local 717 union has knocked down the number of layoffs planned at local Delphi plants from 88 to eight.

“From a union standpoint, we are very satisfied that [the layoffs] were limited to eight,” said Ed Salus, president of the International Union of Electrical Workers/Communication Workers of America Local 717.

“We are still in talks with the company about those eight, as well. We are very happy with the progress in maintaining the jobs we have.”

Delphi did not respond to requests to comment Friday.

The IUE-CWA was told by Delphi of “revenue issues” affecting the Delphi operation in the Mahoning Valley.

The company planned to lay off 88, it said. At Delphi’s Plant 10, a wire plant on North River Road in Warren, the company planned to outsource 20 percent of its cable operations to a facility in Los Mochis, Mexico, due to competitive issues.

Salus said Friday that 20 percent of the wire division at Plant 10 is going to Mexico to save on costs associated with shipping, but the jobs aren’t going with it.

Out of the 88 expected to be laid off, 53 were to come out of Plant 10.

Delphi will bring in five new part numbers to Plant 10, which means new work is coming there and the local workers will stay employed, Salus said.

The transfer of its Mexico production to Mexico will cut shipping costs from $2 million to $50,000, Salus said.

“It’s going to work for both the union and the company,” Salus said.

The company also plans to take out 30 mold presses at Delphi Plant 47 in Vienna, where plastic-injection molding is done. Then the company would in-source two 500-ton mold presses and two lines for assembly of bussed electrical centers. Salus said this will have no impact on workers.

The eight workers laid off last Monday by Delphi were a part of Plant 11 located next to Plant 10 in Warren. Plant 11 is a metal-stamping plant. Those laid off were tool and dye makers.

“All the layoffs that were going to take place are not going to take place,” Salus said. “We want our workers to know that we are going to continue to make sure there are jobs in Northeast Ohio and Warren specifically.”