Current prices are recorded from antiques shows, flea markets, sales and auctions throughout the United States. Prices vary in different locations because of local economic conditions.

Teddy bear, gray fur, black felt vest and hat, holding faux leather briefcase, faux pearls, jointed, Kent Collectibles, 1985, 12 inches, $15.

Mop wringer, janitorial tool, iron and wood, reliance junior model, Lee Chair company, handle, 1906, 25 x 10 inches, $65.

Book, Old farmer’s almanac, by Robert B. Thomas, anecdotes and poetry, 69th publication, New England states, 48 pages, 1861, $120.

Vegetable bowl, Delft, shaped, handles, blue and white, ships and windmills, scalloped lid, loop handle, marked, c. 1905, 10 inches, $285.

Sign, Schmoll Pasta, white ground, blue and black enamel, curved, boy polishing shoe, Hungary, c. 1910, 271/2 x 20 inches, $325.

Cut glass cheese server, keeper, dome and plate, sprigs, checkered panels, ball finial, Europe, c. 1905, 71/2 x 91/2 inches, $430.

Sterling-silver case, enclosed mini dictionary, engraved flowers, round glass cutout, loop, S. Mordan & Co., 1890, 11/2 x 1 inches, $520.

Popcorn cornsheller, cast-iron tool, Right Speedy, flywheel with heart cutouts, crank, wood handle, Curtis Goddard, 1877, 9 inches, $995.

Teapot, pumpkin shape, gourd double happiness pattern, wicker handle, lid, Zisha, Chinese, 16th century, 61/4 x 51/4 inches, $1,800.

Cabinet, library filing, oak, 5-sections of stackable units, five tiers, 52 drawers, file catalog, Wetzel, c. 1935, 49 x 45 inches, $3,000.